Fame Money And Success Will Not Take Away Your Fears

Fame Money And Success Will Not Take Away Your Fears

Your fears,​ anxieties,​ and other problems have the​ best of​ you and you don’t know where to​ turn for help. at​ some point you feel totally helpless as​ you struggle each day. as​ a​ layman and an​ author of​ a​ Managing Fear book,​ there were times that my fears had the​ best of​ me. One of​ the​ things that I’ve learned is​ that you can have all the​ money in​ the​ world and be well known by many people,​ but when it​ comes down to​ it,​ none of​ it​ matters when it​ comes to​ dealing with your persistent fears and anxieties. Fame,​ money,​ and success will not take away your fears.

The one source that a​ person should use as​ a​ basis in​ managing their fears and anxieties is​ using God/Jesus as​ a​ basis in​ dealing with their fears. Why? the​ power of​ God is​ the​ one power that is​ stronger than your fears and anxieties. Also,​ God loves each one of​ us and he is​ the​ one person who has the​ power to​ solve all of​ our problems. He will help you if​ you ask him to.

The first step a​ person should do in​ dealing with their fears is​ to​ start talking and praying to​ God. a​ person can go to​ church or​ to​ a​ quiet place during the​ day to​ tell God that they are having a​ problem. They should tell God how they feel and ask God for some of​ his help. a​ person could also review the​ Bible and read some articles on​ trusting in​ God and then apply these concepts in​ their life. Each and every day,​ a​ person should make it​ up a​ habit to​ talk to​ God and ask him for his help.

Some people think that the​ answers that God provides must be religious in​ nature. That is​ not always the​ case. God may provide the​ answers in​ a​ way that might not be religious in​ nature. These answers could involve basic psychology and cognitive techniques that deals with how to​ manage fear and anxiety. the​ point to​ remember is​ that although a​ person may use these psychology methods,​ its important to​ use God/Jesus as​ the​ center of​ everything in​ your life and in​ your struggle.

If you have trouble,​ talk to​ a​ member of​ the​ clergy or​ a​ professional counselor to​ help deal with your fears and anxieties.

As a​ layman,​ I realize the​ most important thing is​ to​ continue praying and talking to​ God. Talk to​ God as​ if​ you were talking to​ a​ friend. Read the​ Bible and pray hard. Be persistent and be open in​ the​ avenues that God may provide to​ you in​ solving your problem. it​ is​ not always easy,​ however God is​ in​ control and he will help you if​ you ask him.

Fame Money And Success Will Not Take Away Your Fears

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