Ets Surgery A Cure For Problem Blushing Or A Waste Of Money

Ets Surgery A Cure For Problem Blushing Or A Waste Of Money

Those with blushing problems are often desperate to​ find a​ cure for their excessive blushing. Many people are turning to​ a​ medical treatment called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy,​ frequently referred to​ simply as​ ETS,​ for help with their problem blushing.

At first glance,​ ETS seems like a​ miracle treatment for problem blushers. Those who market and perform ETS tout the​ procedure as​ a​ an​ almost guaranteed cure to​ excessive blushing. For people who have invested time and money in​ numerous treatments such as​ hypnosis,​ cognitive behaviour therapy,​ and numerous potions and pills,​ the​ thought of​ being done with problem blushing once and for all is​ certainly an​ appealing one.

However,​ upon further investigation,​ the​ risks and side effects of​ ETS seem quite consequential. Before anyone decides to​ pursue ETS as​ potential medical intervention for problem blushing,​ he or​ she certainly needs to​ thoroughly research all aspects of​ the​ procedure.

Since blushing is​ triggered by the​ nervous system,​ ETS actually impacts the​ nerves. the​ procedure literally involves either clamping off or​ cutting the​ nerves responsible for the​ blushing reaction. While problem blushing is​ a​ serious problem for people who experience it,​ deliberately damaging nerves as​ part of​ a​ medical procedure to​ cure blushing is​ certainly not something to​ be taken lightly.

Nerve damage is​ permanent and irreversible,​ so those who are considering the​ procedure must be sure they understand exactly what they are doing,​ and have a​ clear picture of​ the​ potential side effects and consequences.

The nerves in​ the​ human body are all interconnected,​ so it​ is​ not possible to​ deliberately damage specific nerves without impacting other nerves in​ the​ body as​ well. Therefore,​ there are a​ number of​ side effects that people who undergo ETS can expect to​ experience.

The nervous system is​ very complex,​ and ETS can trigger both hyper sensitive nerves in​ some parts of​ the​ body and nerves that are completely desensitized in​ other parts of​ the​ body. Additional side effects can include decreased lung capacity,​ decreased stamina,​ trouble with regulation of​ body temperature,​ and compensatory hyperhidrosis.

It is​ also important to​ note that ETS has actually been banned in​ a​ number of​ countries. the​ procedure was actually developed in​ Sweden,​ but can no longer be conducted in​ that country. as​ a​ safety precaution,​ the​ Swedish government banned the​ procedure in​ response to​ complaints filed by a​ large number of​ patients who experienced disability following the​ procedure.

Other countries are investigating the​ consequences of​ ETS,​ and are voicing concerns regarding the​ safety of​ the​ procedure. in​ Finland,​ the​ Office for Health Technology Assessment,​ conducted a​ review and concluded that there is​ strong evidence in​ support of​ negative side effects associated with ETC. in​ Taiwan,​ the​ procedure cannot be performed on​ individuals under twenty years of​ age.

Fortunately,​ such drastic measures as​ damaging your nerves through ETS are not the​ only hope for putting a​ stop to​ problem blushing once and for all. There are natural methods available that can help you stop blushing once and for all. Don’t resort to​ having a​ treatment that damages your nerves when there is​ a​ very real possibility to​ putting a​ permanent stop to​ your problem blushing behaviour the​ natural way.

Ets Surgery A Cure For Problem Blushing Or A Waste Of Money

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