Enjoying Disneyland When Money Is Not A Problem

Enjoying Disneyland When Money Is Not A Problem

You may think that Disneyland is​ only about fun,​ excitement,​ and activity - but you would be wrong. Disneyland is​ also about relaxation and pampering. the​ pampering you receive at​ Disneyland may not be the​ same that you would receive at​ a​ world class spa,​ but it​ is​ relaxing and makes you feel special just the​ same.

The easiest way to​ get pampered on​ your Disneyland vacation is​ to​ book your room at​ one of​ the​ Disneyland resorts,​ and then upgrade your room to​ one that includes Concierge services.

The Concierge service will be out of​ this world.

First,​ your room will be much nicer. You will have free bottles of​ water,​ soft drinks,​ coffee,​ and tea at​ all times. You will be able to​ check in​ and out faster at​ the​ Concierge check in​ counter,​ and have a​ nightly turndown service.

Second,​ you will have access to​ the​ Concierge lounge. This is​ where the​ pampering really starts! You can enjoy a​ continental breakfast in​ the​ lounge each morning or​ take your breakfast back to​ your room. in​ the​ afternoon,​ while the​ kids watch Disney Videos,​ you will enjoy a​ wine tasting in​ the​ lounge as​ well.

There are many more perks available with the​ Concierge service,​ but they are different at​ each resort. For more information,​ simply call the​ park and see what perks are included with this service.

If you like to​ be pampered,​ how about surprises?

If you would like to​ surprise someone who will be traveling with you to​ Disneyland,​ you can easily do this by using the​ Disneyland Vacation Planning Service and asking for their Surprise package.

To do this,​ contact the​ Vacation Planning department and tell them who the​ surprises will be for,​ which Resort hotel you will be staying at​ and what your budget is​ for the​ surprises. You will also need to​ tell them when you would like the​ surprise deliveries to​ be made,​ and what type of​ gifts you are interested in. They will also want to​ know who the​ favorite Disney character of​ the​ person that you want to​ surprise.

This surprise package is​ a​ great way to​ add more value to​ your Disney experience,​ and to​ constantly experience great anticipation of​ the​ next surprise to​ come!

Lastly,​ how about taking a​ Disneyland Tour or​ Two?

No Disneyland Vacation can be complete without a​ Disneyland tour - especially if​ it​ is​ your first trip to​ Disneyland. There are currently four different tours to​ choose from. They are:

Disneyland's Discover the​ Magic Tour -

This may be the​ most popular of​ the​ four. This tour will have you and your family working with Disneyland characters to​ find clues and hunt for treasure. You can literally live out a​ Disneyland fantasy with your family and loveable characters,​ outsmarting the​ Disney bad guys! This tour includes lunch and an​ exclusive gift that can only be obtained on​ this tour. it​ lasts about three hours with the​ first 2 tickets costing $49.

The VIP Tour -

The VIP Tour lasts for about four hours,​ and costs $75/hr. Up to​ ten people can be in​ your group. You must book this tour well in​ advance,​ or​ there will be an​ additional fee. the​ tour is​ not recommended for children,​ but is​ designed more for people who have a​ true love and interest in​ Disney and Disneyland history.

The Welcome to​ Disneyland Tour -

This tour is​ absolutely perfect for first timers. There are many benefits to​ this tour,​ including priority seating at​ one of​ the​ stage shows,​ tips and suggestions for getting the​ most out of​ your Disneyland vacation,​ a​ brief history of​ the​ park,​ priority seating at​ one of​ the​ many restaurants,​ instruction in​ using FastPass,​ two bonus FastPass tickets,​ and much more. This tour lasts about two and a​ half hours,​ and costs $25 per person.

A Walk in​ Walt's Footsteps -

This tour focuses on​ the​ vision of​ Walt,​ and is​ not really suitable for small children. Filled with history and trivia about the​ park,​ this tour lasts for more than three hours,​ and costs $49 per person. the​ main feature of​ this tour is​ your peek at​ the​ exclusive Club 33.

Again,​ you should definitely consider making one of​ these tours part of​ your Disneyland experience - especially if​ this will be your first trip to​ Disneyland. You may see things and learn things that you would not see or​ learn without the​ benefit of​ the​ tour!

There you have it. Three more ways to​ really enjoy your vacation in​ Disneyland and make it​ even more memorable.

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