Employees Money Is Not The Only Inspiration

Employees Money Is Not The Only Inspiration

How to​ inspire employees to​ perform better and continue retaining their loyalty with the​ company? Ask this question around and the​ first option may be given as​ to​ raise the​ pay. is​ raising the​ salary the​ only method of​ inspiring employees? Let us look at​ some others that can make a​ difference.

The first thought of​ money and inspiration means that we​ subconsciously compare our employees to​ machines. Add more fuel,​ maintain and it​ will perform better but that is​ for machines. Humans are certainly not machines. if​ money was the​ main motivating factor,​ you would not find people working for humanitarian and non profit causes without any money in​ return.

So when we​ think about motivating employees,​ we​ have to​ first look at​ them as​ thinking emotional beings with aspirations,​ their personality contradictions,​ and all the​ pluses and minuses of​ a​ human being. How does a​ thank you change the​ mood,​ especially when it​ was not expected? Thanking can change the​ mood totally,​ because by thanking we​ are acknowledging the​ good work done by some one. That acknowledgment is​ a​ big reward. I appreciate the​ good work being done by you and I thank for all the​ help that you have been to​ me and the​ organization. Send such a​ note once a​ month or​ so and watch the​ performance sky rocket.

Sorry. Yes I agree that this is​ a​ advice repeated umpteen times in​ as​ many articles. But I am still writing this because we​ forget about it. Many times,​ in​ our frustration and anger,​ we​ tend to​ forget that our anger is​ being released on​ a​ third party. the​ worst part is​ that we​ forget to​ say sorry. Sometimes,​ rather than a​ plain sorry,​ we​ should call the​ employee and discuss about the​ problems we​ were facing that gave rise to​ our anger. Make him/her a​ partner in​ your agony and say sorry. You will get not only a​ satisfied employee but sometimes a​ good friend for life.

Employees are as​ human as​ bosses are. Once employees realize that bosses are people of​ high character they would automatically get motivated to​ work with the​ company and for the​ company. Motivating them becomes difficult when we​ are ourselves lacking in​ some appreciable human quality. the​ golden rule should be to​ make yourself worthy of​ respect and you will not only get co-operation but a​ team that works for you to​ achieve a​ common goal. Good Luck.

Employees Money Is Not The Only Inspiration

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