Embrace Tax

Embrace Tax


I know you​ hate tax. Everyone hates tax. you​ work every week,​ do a​ few extra hours and see a​ chunk of​ it​ taken away in​ taxes. it​ doesn’t seem worth it. Why should you​ work those extra hours just to​ be taxed at​ a​ higher rate and never see any benefit?

Minimising tax is​ a​ national sport. Everyone is​ trying to​ get tax deductions,​ salary sacrificing,​ retirement plans,​ you​ name it. if​ there’s a​ deduction to​ be had chances are you​ are trying to​ find it​ to​ reduce your tax,​ because you​ HATE paying taxes.

The hatred of​ paying more tax keeps people in​ their positions of​ employment because they don’t want to​ get promoted because this means they will earn more and have to​ pay more taxes.

For those of​ you​ familiar with quantum physics and the​ law of​ attraction this will make a​ lot of​ sense. For those of​ you​ who are not I suggest you​ watch What the​ Bleep Do We Know http://www.whatthebleep.com and the​ Secret. Either way try and apply what I say next.

Whatever you​ concentrate on​ and give your energy to,​ you​ will attract more of. if​ you​ spend your time worrying about taxes,​ hating taxes,​ you​ will attract more taxes and you​ will hate them even more.

So try this. Embrace tax. Love tax. Be glad to​ pay tax. I’m kidding you​ right? Wrong.

My goal is​ to​ have a​ $1 million tax bill. Do you​ know why?

Because that means I’ve made a​ heap of​ money. But it​ also means that my government now has an​ extra $1 million it​ didn’t have before to​ fund programs like health and education.

Now I’m a​ philanthropist at​ heart but not in​ practice. What I mean by that is,​ I would love to​ help the​ needy but don’t know how to​ start. Fortunately there are thousands of​ organizations who apply to​ the​ government for grants so they can do just that – help the​ needy.

So my tax is​ actually my DONATION,​ yes say that again,​ DONATION to​ my government so that it​ can care for people who need health care,​ education,​ housing,​ crisis assistance etc.

You see the​ difference? if​ you​ love tax for what it​ can do and send it​ into the​ world with a​ positive energy,​ positive energy will flow back to​ you. you​ will probably have to​ pay more taxes,​ do you​ know why? Because you’ll be earning more money!

Embrace tax. Cherish it​ as​ your donation,​ your way of​ helping,​ your way of​ giving. I know that tithing is​ sometimes difficult when you​ are on​ a​ tight budget and small wage so ask the​ universe to​ accept your tax as​ your tithe. you​ will be amazed at​ the​ changes that begin to​ take place in​ your bank balance,​ your wallet and your end of​ year refund as​ a​ result.

Kathy Hassed

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