Death And Taxes

Death And Taxes

Death And Taxes
In this world nothing can be said to​ be certain,​ except death and taxes
Benjamin Franklin
I,​ like many other good citizens from this great country of​ ours,​ left it​ to​ the​ very last moment to​ mail off this year’s tax return .​
As I​ entered the​ local post office and saw the​ long line,​ I​ once again promised myself that next year would be different .​
I​ really would make the​ effort to​ get them off before the​ last minute rush.
As I​ moved slowly towards the​ front of​ the​ line,​ I​ began wondering,​ in​ this day and age is​ this really the​ best system our great and wonderful leaders can come up with .​
After all,​ we now live in​ a​ world that allows a​ satellite miles above us to​ read a​ number plate .​
We can get the​ worldwide web on​ our cell phone,​ download TV programs that we may have missed or​ just want to​ save onto our iPods.
The original tax laws introduced in​ 1913 were a​ very simple affair .​
They began with tax brackets ranging from 1 to​ 7 percent - a​ far cry from today’s levels .​
The IRS tax codes,​ regulations and guidelines now have well over 9 million words .​
No wonder there's so much confusion .​
is​ there truly anyone who really understands this monster .​
Let’s put this into some form of​ prospective .​
The Declaration of​ Independence has a​ little more than 1300 words .​
The Constitution which has served us well for more than 200 years comes in​ around 5000 words and the​ Holy Bible makes do with less than 800,​000 words.
The Office of​ Management & Budget estimated in​ 2004 that we as​ a​ nation spent over $200 billion on​ compliance cost .​
At a​ time when the​ nations manufacturing industries,​ the​ foundation of​ any good economy,​ are all struggling against cheaper imports,​ shouldn’t our leaders be using that money to​ create Jobs for their citizens .​
Most experts agree that $200 billion would create well over 3 million jobs,​ which of​ course creates sales of​ consumable goods which creates more jobs and sales taxes.
From the​ moment we wake up in​ the​ morning we are being hit by taxes .​
Everyone is​ at​ it​ -- turn on​ the​ light (electricity taxes),​ run the​ shower (utility taxes) and my personal favorite the​ telephone taxes,​ all 6 million of​ them,​ or​ that's what it​ seems to​ me every time I​ receive a​ telephone bill.
Has the​ time come for a​ simple Flat Rate Tax,​ something we can ALL understand .​
There are many countries all over the​ world who have used this simple to​ understand and cost effective way of​ collecting taxes to​ revitalize their economies .​
Let's just imagine for a​ moment what it​ would be like if​ we could complete our tax returns on​ one simple piece of​ paper .​
a​ Flat Rate Tax for individuals and a​ Flat Rate Tax for businesses .​
the​ same rules apply to​ all regardless of​ size of​ income .​
We all pay the​ same rate .​
Most of​ the​ successful countries have levied Flat Rate Taxes of​ less than 17%,​ with a​ stating level that protects the​ lower income groups .​
Could life ever be that simple again? Would our Leaders really want us to​ understand what they were up to? And then there's those lobbyist .​
Oh well,​ it​ was nice while it​ lasted.
Have an​ opinon or​ a​ question you​ would like me to​ answer,​ then write me!

Death And Taxes

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