Can Green Taxes Save The Environment

The UK government is​ looking to​ impose even more taxes on​ the​ working population. But these are not just taxes to​ create revenue; they are so called green taxes that save the​ environment as​ well. They are intended to​ change our behaviour and the​ way that we live,​ to​ make us less wasteful and conserve scarce resources for generations to​ come. We are consuming the​ planets resources at​ an​ unsustainable rate and this article will look at​ 3 of​ the​ proposed taxes to​ see if​ it​ will change anything.

Green Tax No 1. to​ try and persuade us to​ drive less,​ the​ government has increased petrol prices by 1.5 pence per litre. Not much you​ might say,​ but it​ makes our petrol even more expensive and we already pay one of​ the​ highest rates in​ Europe. it​ will now cost you​ up to​ 50 pence more when you​ go to​ the​ petrol station to​ fill your tank up,​ will this make you​ drive less? I think not,​ therefore is​ this a​ green tax or​ just a​ plain and simple money making tax. Every extra penny per litre adds millions of​ pounds to​ the​ governments income per year.

Green Tax No 2. Air passenger duty is​ due to​ rise from £5 to​ £10. Even on​ short haul flights this is​ not going to​ make much difference. Are you​ not going to​ go on​ holiday or​ visit friends by air because it​ costs you​ an​ extra fiver more… again I think not! This extra £5 will raise millions of​ pounds for the​ government in​ revenue.

Green Tax No 3. Ken Livingston the​ London Mayor wants to​ charge 4x4 gas guzzling residents of​ London much higher parking and congestion charge fees. They may be angered by the​ tax,​ but they may just pay-up. Especially as​ London now has more million and billionaires then almost anywhere else on​ the​ plant. I agree that this is​ a​ step in​ the​ right direction proving the​ amounts are high enough to​ make people think twice about buying one. I have friends that have 4x4 as​ they want more room for their partner and one child. Get real!

With all these green taxes being introduced I find it​ difficult to​ believe that the​ government allows for the​ rail fares to​ be increased above inflation pushing more people into using cars. I have been on​ those expensive,​ crammed,​ rush hour trains and its not nice I can tell.

When the​ tax payer has some real options to​ help reduce carbon emissions,​ then a​ taxation regime to​ deal with unnecessary pollution appears more justified,​ at​ the​ moment it​ seems like raising money is​ the​ main objective and not cutting the​ effects of​ climate change.

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