Buying Mortgage Leads Tips For Internet Mortgage Loan Refinance Leads

Buying Mortgage Leads: Tips for Internet Mortgage Loan & Refinance Leads
Small mortgage companies must determine the​ most cost-effective way to​ market their services .​
There are different options to​ acquire mortgage leads .​
The options are direct source leads,​ internet leads from their own web site,​ newspaper advertising,​ and third party online leads or​ mortgage brokers.
Mortgage lenders may receive leads directly from Internet companies such as​ Lending Tree or​ mortgage companies who bundle and sell leads,​ such as​ .​
Lending Tree markets their internet leads directly to​ mortgage institutions that must compete with 4 or​ 5 other mortgage institutions for the​ mortgage loans .​
Lending tree advertises that they represent 9 out of​ the​ top 10 financial institutions .​ sells their Internet leads to​ mortgage brokers .​
They advertise that they provide thousands of​ mortgage professionals with fresh leads each month and their primary goal is​ to​ provide cost effective leads that will increase borrower fundings .​
According to​ Claudio Perida,​ leads are the​ blood to​ our loans .​
in​ order for me to​ be consistent and productive,​ I​ need a​ reliable source of​ mortgage leads.
Internet mortgage sites offer to​ sell bundles of​ mortgages by type to​ brokers or​ financial institutions directly .​
The loans are bundled into groups of​ 25 by type,​ purchase leads; refinance leads,​ debt consolidation leads,​ second mortgage leads,​ home equity leads,​ etc .​
One site listed 18 different type leads.
The cost of​ a​ bundle of​ 25 mortgage leads varied from $125 - $150 .​
a​ single bundle at​ the​ lower price would cost $3,​125 and all 18 bundles would run $56,​250.
The same leads can be sold over and over again .​
The broker buying the​ leads must find a​ company willing to​ close on​ the​ mortgage.

Some lending institutions have set up web site to​ market leads directly .​
This is​ significant as​ more and more borrowers are turning to​ the​ Internet in​ their search for lenders .​
In order to​ get the​ most bang for their advertising buck,​ small companies must carefully research all of​ the​ options available and chose the​ one most suited for their needs.

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