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Aspen Nightlife – the​ Ultimate Taxi
This isn’t your ordinary taxi ride! the​ Ultimate Taxi
is actually entertainment that is​ not to​ be missed .​
This is​ a​ thirty to​ forty minute musical ride around
Aspen – but it’s not like any other ride you​ will take
in your lifetime.
The taxi you​ will be riding in​ is​ a​ 1978 Checker cab .​
It has been greatly modified and boasts four red
lasers,​ a​ laser projector,​ black light effects,​ light
washers,​ light orbs,​ mini-strobes,​ color changing fiber
optics,​ a​ sound system,​ stage lights,​ a​ mirror ball,​ a​
fog machine,​ a​ keyboard,​ digital drums,​ a​ digital
camera,​ a​ DV cam,​ a​ notebook computer,​ a​ printer,​
and much,​ much more .​
Your driver will be Jon Barnes,​ and he has been
driving tourists around Aspen since 1984 .​
He throws
in a​ pair of​ 3-D glasses,​ so you​ can view Aspen as​
you never have before .​
Featured online,​ in​ radio
interviews,​ magazines,​ and newspapers,​ the​ Ultimate
Taxi has become very popular .​
Many famous people
have taken this cab ride as​ well,​ including Clint
Eastwood and Jerry Seinfeld .​
Get ready for a​ wild ride! Jon plays the​ keyboard
and the​ horn while driving! With your 3-D glasses
and the​ other toys that are included in​ the​ ride,​
combined with the​ psychedelic lighting effects,​ this
is one ride that you​ will never forget! in​ fact,​ Jon
makes sure of​ it,​ because there will be pictures to​
help you​ remember the​ event.
Make sure you​ buy some souvenirs before you​ leave .​
The Ultimate Taxi gift store is​ located right outside
the doors,​ in​ the​ trunk .​
You will also have a​ web page
memory of​ your ride in​ the​ Ultimate Taxi hosted on​
Jon’s server for all time .​
Take your toys and 3-D
glasses home with you​ as​ well.
The Ultimate Taxi is​ not a​ ‘normal’ taxi ride .​
don’t call Jon Barnes to​ take you​ where you​ want to​
go .​
The Ultimate Taxi is​ more of​ a​ musical show
and adventure .​
It has been called the​ world’s
smallest recording studio.
Make sure that you​ get your Ultimate Taxi ride while
you are in​ Aspen,​ and join the​ ranks of​ Ivana,​ Kevin
Costner,​ George Hamilton,​ Jerry Jeff Walker,​ Dudley
Moore,​ the​ Beatles,​ Clint Eastwood,​ Jerry Seinfeld,​
and even Regis Philbin! Due to​ the​ popularity of​ the​
Ultimate Taxi,​ it​ is​ probably best to​ call in​ advance
for a​ reservation .​
The Ultimate Taxi is​ in​ operation
from 7pm to​ 10pm most nights.

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