Are Mechanics Being Ripped Off On Tax

Are Mechanics Being Ripped Off On Tax

Are Mechanics Being Ripped Off on​ Tax
Mechanics get a​ rough ride .​
They are often portrayed as​ modern cowboys and rip-off merchants .​
The truth is​ that they are being ripped off by the​ taxman .​
The vast majority buy their own tools and are missing out on​ tax refunds .​
It is​ not small change either .​
The average mechanic's tool refund is​ over £800.
Why don't they know about it? Many people believe the​ Government will refund overpaid tax .​
Sadly,​ this is​ not true and it​ is​ an​ individual's responsibility to​ claim their tax back.
Mechanics have a​ lot in​ common with hairdressers,​ though many won't thank you​ for mentioning it .​
In both cases,​ staff are expected to​ supply the​ tools of​ their trade .​
Unlike combs and clippers,​ however,​ a​ mechanic's tools can easily exceed £2000 per year .​
As cars become more technical,​ so do the​ tools needed to​ keep them running .​
What they might not realise is​ that a​ tax refund is​ available on​ that spend.
How much is​ it​ worth? Time to​ suck my teeth and tap my clipboard: that depends on​ how much the​ mechanic has spent .​
According to​ Refunds Direct,​ a​ tax refund company,​ the​ average refund is​ £800 and is​ typically 15-20% of​ the​ total outlay on​ tools.
Incredibly,​ claiming this refund is​ an​ easy process - there's no need to​ be daunted by the​ tax system .​
'No win,​ No Fee services that takes all of​ the​ taxing work out of​ tax work are available.
Mike Oaten,​ director in​ charge of​ the​ service,​ explains: There are an​ estimated 180,​000 mechanics in​ the​ UK and I​ believe the​ vast majority are affected by this .​
The Revenue has no responsibility to​ hand the​ money back and unless people act now millions and millions of​ pounds are going to​ stay in​ the​ taxman's pocket.
I am pleased to​ say that our service is​ proving to​ be a​ great help .​
We are sending out cheques every day to​ people who would otherwise miss out.
Are you​ eligible?
* Do you​ buy your own tools and has your employer not reimbursed you?
* Have you​ spent more than £2000 in​ total since you​ started buying your own tools.
* Claims can only be made with the​ original receipts or​ a​ customer statement including a​ description of​ the​ tool,​ price and the​ date it​ was bought .​
Most suppliers can easily run a​ statement off for you.

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