Americans Uncertain View Of A Gas Tax Holiday

Americans Uncertain View Of A Gas Tax Holiday

It is​ certain that rising gas prises have crippled many,​ and all across the​ world in​ fact. I read a​ lot of​ news and see it​ everywhere. We also do not know what the​ future holds for us consumers.

I have been reading about how people are having to​ use their food budget just to​ get to​ work now days. Some are purchasing bikes to​ make a​ 5 mile ride each way to​ work. I guess they are not banking on​ rain,​ sleet,​ snow or​ heat. it​ is​ causing people to​ stop contributing to​ their 401k's and Ira's. Some are quiting there jobs where it​ doesn't make sense between fuel and rising child care cost that can be $250.00 per child per week!

Last year I purchased a​ 2018 Nissan 350z. I love the​ car but didn't realize that you​ have to​ purchase higher octane fuel to​ keep the​ engine running without a​ clang. So when I started fueling it,​ the​ cost would be around $58.00. I could hang,​ but then the​ prices are sky rocketing at​ a​ faster pace each day. Now it​ cost me over $75.00 to​ fill up. I am just glad I didn't decide to​ go more eco friendly and choose deisel.

Speaking of​ deisel,​ the​ rise of​ this is​ causing some truckers to​ lose any sort of​ margin they were making before. Some were seeing 25% profit margin prior and now are scraping by on​ 5%. This causes the​ trucking industry to​ park there trucks and raise the​ price of​ shipping goods. in​ turn affects our food supply and restaraunts to​ charge more for these foods.

The airline industry is​ another to​ have a​ major hit. One of​ the​ biggest airliners spent $2 billion in​ the​ year 2004 on​ jet fuel. This year they are expecting to​ hit $8 billion. That is​ four times what the​ industry is​ use to​ paying and have no room because of​ competition causing the​ lowest fares we have ever seen as​ consumers. So what is​ happening now is​ the​ competition is​ based on​ who loses the​ least amount of​ dollars after that quarter. Because of​ this 8 airlines have gone bankrupt just in​ 2008. 5 of​ which will never come back to​ life and 3 that restructured.

I could go on​ and describe how it​ affects every industry but,​ the​ point to​ all of​ my ramblings is​ that we as​ Americans are very unsure on​ what the​ answer to​ this problem may be. the​ presidential candidates are shouting a​ gas tax holiday. I think that this may help but not be the​ end all be all resolution. But may'be if​ we do everything we can do it​ may add up to​ lower gas prices at​ the​ pump.

In a​ Rasmussen report,​ they are currently showing 46% of​ voters to​ favor this federal gas tax holiday this summer. What we really need is​ for all Americans to​ participate on​ Political and vote on​ this issue. if​ everyone voted,​ it​ would allow congress to​ better see the​ importance whether the​ collective of​ Americans is​ for or​ against such movement.

Americans Uncertain View Of A Gas Tax Holiday

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