Adult ADD And Taxes

Adult ADD And Taxes
I know you​ still have about three months until you​ have to​ file your U.S .​
tax forms,​ but now is​ a​ good time to​ think about taxes .​
Many adults with ADD would rather scrub the​ floor with a​ toothbrush then work on​ preparing their taxes .​
Here are some tips to​ help make taxes less taxing: (pardon the​ pun)
1 .​
Set up a​ folder ( green,​ black,​ or​ red are good colors) or​ a​ box where you​ will put all of​ the​ tax forms that you​ are receiving now and put it​ with all of​ your other important documents.
2 .​
Get Help - Hiring an​ accountant to​ help you​ prepare you​ taxes can save you​ from unnecessary financial anxiety,​ plus you​ don't have to​ worry about missing potential tax breaks .​
There are also many computer programs (both on-line and on​ CD-Rom) that will help you​ step by step to​ prepare you​ own taxes .​
With these programs you​ should be able to​ file your taxes on-line,​ saving you​ a​ couple of​ steps of​ having to​ put the​ tax forms in​ a​ envelope,​ put a​ stamp on​ the​ envelope,​ and dropping it​ in​ the​ mailbox.
3 .​
Get a​ tax buddy - I​ am not saying that you​ want to​ share all of​ your tax information with your friends,​ but if​ you​ view preparing your taxes as​ a​ social event you​ will be more likely to​ start and finish the​ task.
4 .​
Many tax preparers are willing to​ offer you​ tax refund loans,​ where you​ can get most of​ your rebate immediately .​
Basically these refund loans are a​ rip-off that takes advantage of​ the​ impulsive nature of​ adults with ADD .​
With fees ranging from around $ 70 to​ $ 130 you​ are paying a​ steep price to​ get your money a​ week or​ two faster .​
If you​ need the​ money that quickly you​ probably need financial counseling to​ get your finances back on​ track.

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