1 In 3 People Owed Tax Refund

1 in​ 3 People Owed Tax Refund
There are 30 million taxpayers in​ the​ UK and,​ according to​ the​ latest research by tax refund company Refunds Direct,​ around 1 in​ 3 are owed a​ tax refund .​
Alarmingly,​ one of​ the​ most common payment mistake areas is​ income tax,​ where the​ average refund is​ over £800.
Why don't you​ know about it? Many people believe the​ Government will refund overpaid tax .​
Sadly,​ this is​ not true and it​ is​ an​ individual's responsibility to​ claim their tax back.
Income tax overpayment affects a​ lot of​ people .​
Thankfully,​ unlike the​ tax system itself,​ finding out of​ you're due a​ refund is​ quite simple .​
Firstly,​ ask yourself if​ any of​ the​ following apply to​ you​ or​ to​ someone you​ know: have you​ worked for part of​ a​ tax year? Have you​ paid emergency tax for 3 months or​ more? Have you​ had numerous jobs or​ worked for through agencies? Have you​ had substantial gaps in​ your employment? Have you​ entered the​ UK to​ work or​ are leaving the​ UK? Are you​ a​ student who has a​ holiday job or​ placement?
If you​ can answer 'yes' to​ any of​ these questions,​ you​ may want to​ find out more - and now there is​ an​ easy way to​ do just that .​
Most of​ us find the​ tax system a​ bit daunting (8 out of​ 10 people admit to​ not understanding it),​ but help is​ at​ hand .​
With 'no win,​ no fee' services that takes all of​ the​ taxing work out of​ tax work,​ help is​ available.
Mike Oaten,​ from Refunds Direct,​ explains: Up to​ 10 million people in​ the​ UK are potentially owed tax refunds .​
Many many millions of​ pounds in​ refunds goes unclaimed every year .​
Unless people act now it​ all stays in​ the​ taxman's pocket.
Our goal is​ to​ make everyone in​ the​ country aware that they could get tax refunds and help them get their money back.
You may be eligible if​ you…
* Worked for part of​ a​ tax year
* Paid emergency tax for 3 months or​ more
* Had numerous jobs for worked through agencies
* Had substantial gaps in​ your employment
* Entered or​ left the​ UK to​ work
* Are you​ a​ student who has worked holiday job or​ placement
You are unlikely to​ be eligible if​ you…
* Stopped work and then claimed Job Seekers Allowance? If so,​ any refund would have been repaid by the​ benefits office.
* Stopped work part way through a​ tax year because of​ maternity leave or​ retirement.

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