Your Source For Free Video Software

Your Source For Free Video Software

Your Source for Free Video Software
Play back YouTube clips on​ a​ portable player .​
Watch video clips created with a​ mobile phone on​ your PC .​
Publish video clips on​ your Web site or​ blog .​
Cut MPEG videos into smaller pieces that are easy to​ download .​
Upload video clips to​ YouTube .​
Do it​ all absolutely free!
If you​ have an​ iPod,​ iPhone or​ other portable device that is​ capable of​ playing back MP3 and video clips,​ you​ may have already encountered the​ limitations of​ the​ software supplied with the​ device by its manufacturer .​
Can you​ upload a​ flick from YouTube directly to​ your portable player or​ mobile phone with OEM software? Can you​ even save YouTube clips to​ your PC?
YouTube gained its popularity offering easy playback of​ video clips right in​ a​ Web browser without needing to​ install additional software to​ watch videos .​
This approach,​ however,​ has its limitations and drawbacks,​ one being the​ inability to​ save a​ YouTube movie to​ a​ PC .​
YouTube provides no means to​ do this,​ and makes no software that could save a​ clip to​ your hard disk. at​ offers ten free and simple tools that let you​ do that and much more! Extract and save YouTube clips right to​ your hard drive .​
Playback YouTube clips on​ your iPod with Free YouTube to​ iPod Converter .​
Upload the​ flicks to​ your iPhone with Free YouTube to​ iPhone Converter,​ or​ turn them into MP3 songs or​ mobile phone ringtones with Free YouTube to​ MP3 Converter.
Are you​ a​ frequent contributor to​ YouTube? Tired of​ using their Web-based interface for uploading multiple clips? offers a​ free alternative! Free YouTube Uploader is​ a​ viable alternative for uploading video clips to​ YouTube bypassing their Web interface .​
Have fun and upload as​ many video clips as​ you​ want!
Do you​ have a​ Web site or​ blog of​ your own? Ever wanted to​ impress your visitors with video clips? Turn your videos into Web-friendly Flash clips and enhance your Web pages with videos! makes Free Video to​ Flash Converter that turns any video into a​ streaming Flash clip that is​ easy to​ embed into a​ blog or​ Web site.
Have a​ large video? Want to​ cut off the​ titles,​ but don't believe in​ re-encoding? Cut unwanted parts of​ your MPEG videos without sacrificing the​ quality with Free Fast MPEG Cut!
It was not long ago when mobile phone providers invented a​ new way to​ make money .​
They charge you​ for ringtones made of​ popular movies soundtracks .​
But did you​ know you​ can make these ringtones yourself - and absolutely free? Did you​ ever consider extracting that song from a​ movie,​ and make it​ your mobile ringtone? Free Video to​ MP3 Converter takes a​ movie in​ just about any format and saves its sound track into a​ convenient MP3 file! Make a​ compact file and use it​ as​ an​ MP3 ringtone without paying your mobile provider,​ and save it​ in​ high quality for future enjoyment on​ your PC or​ portable player.
Talking about mobile phones,​ do you​ ever record video clips with your phone's camera? These clips are recorded in​ the​ 3GP format that cannot be played back on​ your PC directly .​
Free 3GP Video Converter converts your mobile phone video clips into movies that you​ can play on​ your PC or​ portable devices! you​ can even make an​ MP3 tune of​ your 3GP files. offers all of​ its video programs for free,​ and does not bundle any spyware with any of​ its products .​
Download yours at:!

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