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I have always been interested in​ computers,​ but in​ the​ beginning,​ I​ would not venture any further than to​ the​ software end of​ learning .​
However,​ learning only the​ software side,​ and knowing nothing about the​ hardware side,​ can open you​ up to​ some costly times at​ the​ shop.
When I​ was selling peripherals,​ I​ happen to​ ask my immediate supervisor how he would go about learning the​ hardware side of​ computers .​
He looked at​ me and flatly stated,​ Like I​ did -- learn by doing – build a​ computer from scratch.
Well,​ that is​ exactly what I​ did .​
And I'll give you​ a​ tidbit of​ what I​ learned and the​ problems I​ encountered.
Lessons Learned
1 .​
I​ tried to​ put a​ floppy drive from my old unit into my new unit .​
I​ blew up the​ floppy drive .​
Lesson learned – do not put outdated computer components into a​ new system .​
2 .​
Some of​ the​ old programs are not compatible with the​ new operating system .​
Did cost me some extra money and time.
3 .​
Don't build a​ new system from scratch – it​ cost more than a​ manufactured unit,​ unless you​ have money to​ burn,​ want to​ learn more about computers,​ or​ you​ are going to​ repair computers for a​ living.
What do you​ need in​ a​ computer?
Since you​ are going to​ run your business from your computer – you​ want to​ make sure you​ get the​ best you​ can get,​ at​ the​ price you​ can afford.
1 .​
When money allows,​ piggyback an​ additional hard drive onto your primary hard drive for backup .​
Needless to​ say,​ your primary hard drive will not
last forever.
2 .​
CD-ROM – (Self explanatory)
3 .​
Hard drive – Make sure your hard drive has enough memory -- I​ have several 40 GB hard drives.
4 .​
Floppy drive – good for quick copies of​ an​ Excel,​ Word,​ etc.
5 .​
Printer – a​ quality printer .​
When looking for a​ printer,​ make sure it​ is​ compatible with the​ operating system you​ have and the​ operating system that is​ currently out on​ the​ market .​
Why? It saves you​ time – you​ may have to​ look for an​ upgrade for your printer online for the​ new operating system – sometimes it's free,​ sometimes it's not,​ or​ sometimes the​ computer will not support the​ printer with the​ new operating systems .​
They want you​ to​ buy a
new unit .​

6 .​
Power supply – some suggest that the​ computer unit should have 300+ voltage to​ give your operating system a​ lot of​ snap.
7 .​
Fans – the​ new units usually have additional fans to​ cool the​ CPU – which will help extend the​ life of​ your computer.
8 .​
Networking capabilities – you'll never know when you​ want to​ add an​ additional unit,​ it's always good to​ be prepared – and trust me it​ will happen
9 .​
If you​ have to​ buy a​ new operating system,​ I​ would suggest going with Microsoft XP Professional .​
I​ found it​ very stable,​ and less likely to​ crash.
If you​ start adding everything up,​ you​ will realize that I​ spent more on​ a​ build it​ yourself unit versus that of​ a​ complete unit .​
And the​ complete unit my friend,​ is​ definitely the​ way I​ will go from now on.
I have bought several units,​ and through hard knocks (rebates not received,​ wrong unit sent – poor customer service) – learned that the​ best deal that I​ have encountered was from Dell Computers .​
They offer different computer units,​ peripherals,​ printers,​ etc .​
with instant savings on​ select Dell PCs -- great weekly deals – reasonable prices and honored rebates .​
Okay,​ as​ you​ can see I'm sold on​ Dell – if​ you​ want to​ take a​ closer look you​ can go to​ my website
at to​ see for yourself what they have to​ offer.
To conclude,​ when you​ buy a​ computer unit online always be aware of​ what you're buying,​ what you​ will be using it​ for and with,​ and where you​ are buying it​ and from whom .​
Sometimes you​ have to​ take the​ hard knocks to​ learn,​ which is​ okay,​ however,​ when the​ hard knocks include an​ outlay of​ money – it's always good to​ have some good advise before making a​ decision.

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