You Can Double Your Website Traffic And Sales Using Relationalship Forum Marketing

You Can Double Your Website Traffic And Sales Using Relationalship
Forum Marketing

Do you​ need more traffic to​ your web site,​ and more sales? if​ you​ do,​ then you​ need to​ consider an​ often neglected side of​ web site promotion which is​ called forum marketing.

Most web sites make use of​ forums to​ provide the​ element of​ response from user to​ owner and vice versa. These forums take many forms,​ and include the​ standard forums,​ discussion boards,​ bulletin boards and currently blogs where the​ visitors to​ the​ web site can leave their comments on​ the​ site.

Marketing has always revolved around relationships. the​ basic element of​ relationship from the​ aspect of​ online marketing is​ to​ weave an​ element of​ trust between the​ potential purchaser and the​ vendor or​ web site owner. Once there is​ this element of​ trust,​ even the​ tiniest bond that has been sown between the​ potential buyer and seller,​ it​ becomes easier for the​ potential buyer to​ take a​ further step to​ buy the​ product. That is​ why many marketers are establishing forum boards and blogs to​ interact with clients and to​ provide support and to​ answer queries.

These forum boards provide a​ fertile ground for you​ to​ test out forum marketing for your products.

You need to​ compile a​ list of​ the​ discussion boards and blogs that are related to​ your product or​ service line that you​ are going to​ market. Then on​ a​ daily basis,​ visit these forums to​ read their postings. These forums are the​ best sites where newbies to​ internet marketing would congregate to​ seek free resources,​ or​ request information or​ advice from more experienced forumers. When you​ see a​ post where you​ can respond,​ make a​ brief informative post,​ and more importantly make sure you​ leave a​ reference to​ your web site in​ your signature line. This confers on​ you​ two advantages. Firstly,​ you​ gain a​ backlink to​ your site when you​ leave your website address in​ a​ much visited forum,​ and secondly,​ forumers who read your post will tend to​ visit your web site by following the​ link in​ your post.

Some internet marketers channel all their visitors to​ a​ squeeze page and not to​ a​ sales website directly. This squeeze page is​ a​ sign up page where you​ get the​ email address of​ the​ visitor in​ return for a​ free download of​ a​ ebook or​ report or​ software. By using this squeeze page,​ you​ gain targeted leads.

Statistics show a​ potential buyer would need to​ be exposed at​ least 3 to​ 5 times before he becomes interested to​ take the​ next step to​ purchase anything from you. By getting his email,​ you​ can email him on​ a​ regular schedule or​ use an​ autoresponder to​ channel your marketing message across.

The most important part of​ forum marketing is​ to​ identify a​ group of​ marketing forums and blogs related to​ your product or​ services that you​ are selling,​ from which you​ can then launch off. Once you​ have the​ list of​ forums and discussion boards,​ it​ becomes a​ daily affair to​ spend enough time to​ visit these forums and to​ post to​ them. Beware though,​ forum reading can be addictive,​ and you​ can be spending a​ whole lot of​ time on​ reading and posting to​ forums. Track your leads,​ and as​ you​ continue to​ do your forum posting daily,​ you​ will see a​ steady increase in​ your web site traffic and your sales.

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