Yoga Vinyasas Which Ones Are Right For You

Yoga Vinyasas Which Ones Are Right For You

When you think about yoga,​ you likely think first of​ poses that emphasize self awareness and flexibility. You can,​ though,​ link poses in​ series called yoga vinyasas. in​ these vinyasas,​ the​ poses are done in​ a​ free-flowing sequence that adds to​ your overall yoga experience. While your yoga teacher is​ trained to​ create vinyasas for you,​ there are also certain existing sequences that you can do on​ your own once you know what poses they involve. Two that are particularly popular in​ the​ West are the​ Sun Salutation and Warrior II.

Sun Salutation

One of​ the​ most popular sequences is​ known as​ the​ Sun Salutation. it​ is​ a​ single flow of​ 12 different yoga postures. With each,​ you should inhale to​ accompany your stretching and exhale as​ you contract or​ fold your body in. This particular vinyasas is​ designed to​ build your strength and increase your overall flexibility. Like with most vinyasas,​ you may find variations on​ this depending on​ what style of​ yoga you are using,​ but there are a​ few basic poses and a​ flow that is​ fairly consistent among the​ variations.

For the​ Sun Salutation,​ you go through the​ flow twice in​ order to​ complete one round. Do it​ one time for the​ right side of​ the​ body and the​ other time for your left. if​ you are crunched for time,​ still try to​ do at​ least one. Even that one half of​ a​ sequence will help you to​ feel revitalized.

The sun salutation starts with mountain. From there you go with hands up,​ head to​ knees,​ lunge,​ plank,​ and stick. Still flowing,​ you go into upward dog,​ downward dog,​ and lunge. Finally,​ the​ sequence finishes with head to​ knees,​ hands up,​ and mountain again. as​ you can see,​ the​ Sun Salutation is​ naturally circular just as​ many other yoga sequences are.

Warrior II

Another popular sequence for yogis in​ the​ West is​ called Triangle,​ or​ the​ Warrior II. This particular vinyasas emphasizes your breathing. Though it​ is​ usually recommended to​ try this moving between positions on​ the​ beat of​ your breath,​ you can experiment with different breathing patters to​ see what is​ best for you and how each affects you. in​ fact,​ this ability to​ freely experiment is​ what has made this such a​ popular vinyasas.

The sequence for Warrior II works through four poses. You will use Mountain,​ Triangle,​ Warrior II and the​ standing Yoga Mudra. Moving in​ that order,​ you will flow through the​ sequence in​ time with your breathing. This particular sequence will have a​ tendency to​ release stress and help with your flexibility. Be sure,​ as​ with all yoga,​ to​ pay careful attention to​ your breathing patterns while staying focused on​ yourself.

Once you begin to​ learn a​ number of​ yoga poses,​ you can begin to​ experiment with vinyasas on​ your own or​ with a​ teacher. They allow you to​ not only work within the​ poses,​ but also to​ maintain both a​ physical and mental flow when you perform your daily yoga. Additionally,​ you can find other yoga sequences that suit your skill level,​ need,​ and style of​ yoga. Overall,​ the​ vinyasas are a​ part of​ yoga that may help you see and feel results more quickly and more consistently.

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