Yahoo Search Marketing For Publishers

Yahoo Search Marketing For Publishers

Marketing is​ a​ source for big income in​ the​ Internet. Because of​ the​ powers that advertising possesses especially with a​ highly directed method that the​ Internet can offer,​ there is​ a​ bigger possibility that Internet ads will meet more success. For example,​ a​ person who is​ looking for a​ new computer and sees an​ ad for an​ online store offering a​ sale on​ computers will most likely click on​ the​ ad. Very few ads in​ other media can seek to​ approximate this demand-specific distribution of​ ads. This is​ also the​ reason why there is​ a​ growing influx of​ companies — both big and small – that are allotting more budget towards Internet advertising. Consequently,​ more and more websites or​ publishers are also wanting to​ get in​ on​ the​ action because the​ click-throughs will mean big money for them for a​ very minimal effort.

There are many programs that have emerged online that seek to​ help web publishers take advantage of​ the​ revenue opportunities in​ advertising.,​ one of​ the​ search engine pioneers and a​ formidable force in​ the​ Internet industry,​ recently announced a​ new program that would enable web publishers gain more in​ terms of​ the​ benefits of​ pay for performance or​ pay-per-click advertising. the​ program,​ called Yahoo! Search Marketing,​ makes advertising on​ the​ Internet easier and more manageable to​ handle.

Yahoo! Search Marketing is​ based on​ the​ technologies and research used by Overture Services,​ Inc.,​ otherwise known as​ – one of​ the​ first search engines that was able to​ include paid ads in​ its results. in​ 2003,​ Yahoo! acquired Overture and turned it​ into a​ fully owned subsidiary tasked to​ become the​ backbone for the​ whole search engine advertising or​ Pay-for-Performance setup. Overture’s innovative solutions with regards to​ advertising in​ search engines has been a​ great influence on​ other search engines since they have also come out with their own programs using the​ principles set by Overture,​ among them Google’s AdSense.

With the​ Yahoo! Search Marketing pay-per-performance program,​ publishers bid on​ search terms or​ keywords (this could be words,​ phrases,​ or​ a​ combination of​ both). the​ winning bidder’s web page is​ then placed in​ the​ search engine results for those keywords,​ with the​ position being related to​ the​ amount that was bid for the​ said keywords. This function is​ part of​ Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Sponsored Search feature,​ that makes advertising in​ Yahoo! so much more powerful and effective. the​ various features included in​ Sponsored Search allows you​ to​ not only control the​ position of​ your website in​ keyword searches,​ you​ can also set your own price per click and pay only when people actually click the​ link to​ your website.

This is​ a​ far more effective way of​ getting more visitors to​ go to​ your web page. First of​ all,​ Overture offers a​ far wider reach compared to​ other competitors,​ especially Google. Overture’s reach extends not only to​ Yahoo but also to​ AltaVista,​ CNN and Infospace,​ among others. the​ reporting function is​ also more intuitive now and far more complete in​ terms of​ searching for the​ effectiveness of​ certain keywords.

Yahoo Search Marketing For Publishers

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