Wireless Pos And Wireless Mobile Computing Restaurant Software That Increases Profits

Wireless Pos And Wireless Mobile Computing Restaurant Software That
Increases Profits

Wireless POS And Wireless Mobile Computing- Restaurant Software That Increases Profits
Until recently,​ restaurant and hospitality owners were wary of​ adopting wireless POS systems for their establishments .​
Issues such a​ cost,​ ease of​ use and a​ general uncertainty about new technology caused them to​ take pause .​
Nowadays,​ however,​ with the​ popularity of​ PDA’s,​ Blackberries,​ cell phones and the​ like,​ mobile technology and wireless mobile computing has become main stream,​ and hospitality providers are taking a​ second look .​
In a​ high cost and competitive market,​ it’s no wonder that those in​ the​ hospitality industry want technology to​ help them increase revenues .​
But how can a​ wireless POS device help them achieve this?
Wireless mobile computing can help in​ many ways .​
One such instance is​ by eliminating the​ need for staff to​ line up at​ a​ specific POS terminal to​ place orders .​
By utilizing mobile technology,​ serving staff are more productive since time spent during the​ order taking process is​ decreased .​
Wireless mobile computing also allows serving staff to​ place orders instantly,​ and then go directly to​ the​ next table,​ thereby increasing table turns .​
And because serving staff are more productive,​ significant savings can be seen through decreased labor costs .​
Another drawback to​ stationary POS terminals is​ that serving staff usually place a​ number of​ orders at​ once to​ the​ kitchen,​ overwhelming kitchen staff .​
Placing orders tableside eliminates this problem,​ as​ orders are more evenly spaced .​

One important benefit to​ also consider with a​ wireless POS solution is​ that by placing orders directly at​ the​ table,​ order taking is​ more accurate and less food is​ wasted .​
This directly translates into decreased food costs .​
Also,​ serving staff can spend more time with customers,​ which significantly increases up-sell opportunities .​

Utilizing wireless mobile computing in​ a​ hospitality environment also allows restaurateurs to​ approach staffing in​ a​ more cost effective and efficient way .​
Instead of​ scheduling a​ large number of​ serving staff who are responsible for all the​ order taking and food delivery,​ a​ wireless POS solution allows restaurant owners the​ opportunity to​ hire just a​ few skilled staff,​ give them larger sections,​ and make their primary focus greeting customers,​ taking orders and up selling .​
Non-serving staff can then be hired (at significant payroll savings) to​ dispatch food and clean sections .​
When serving staff are able to​ remain on​ the​ floor,​ the​ result is​ superior customer service and again increased sales through up selling and faster table turns .​

Now,​ Volante POS Systems of​ Toronto,​ Canada (www.volantesystems.com) has come along and revolutionized the​ wireless POS industry in​ a​ creative and innovative way .​
By using PC notebooks (not much bigger then a​ handheld) the​ entire POS software is​ loaded on​ the​ unit and it​ runs as​ a​ terminal with peer to​ peer,​ data synching etc .​
PDA's don’t work in​ this manner- they require writing to​ the​ unit (in other words,​ new code,​ separate product) plus they're not robust enough for Food and beverage .​
Volante has evolved its software into the​ peer to​ peer architecture,​ and now POS software can be loaded onto a​ small wireless notebook with amazing results .​
The technology is​ revolutionary - nobody else can do what Volante is​ doing .​

This approach can work exceptionally well in​ venues that aren’t traditional table side establishments,​ such as​ stadiums,​ trade shows,​ casinos,​ arenas,​ race tracks and outdoor sales areas (such as​ rooftop patios for instance) where conventional POS terminals aren’t practical nor feasible.

Wireless mobile computing from Volante offers even more important and innovative features .​
For instance,​ the​ menus on​ the​ notebook or​ handhelds are the​ exact same menus as​ on​ the​ traditional register .​
The databases are in​ sync with one another .​
You don't have to​ program them separately; they’re an​ extension of​ the​ host computer .​
This approach is​ less expensive because it​ doesn't require separate servers for handhelds and traditional registers .​
And because Volante POS software is​ written in​ pure Java,​ its real time as​ well.

For more information on​ how wireless POS technology and wireless mobile computing from Volante can help your business increase profits and productivity,​ email them at​ sales@volantesystems.com or​ visit their website at​ www.volantesystems.com .​

Wireless POS solutions truly allow Hospitality leaders to​ enter the​ 21st century,​ while also giving them an​ extra edge in​ a​ fiercely competitive industry.

Wireless Pos And Wireless Mobile Computing Restaurant Software That
Increases Profits

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