Winnebago Mental Health Institute

Winnebago Mental Health Institute Its History and Development
If we speak of​ a​ primary center for treatment of​ mental illness in​ Wisconsin,​ Winnebago Mental Health Institute or​ WMHI is​ the​ first facility that comes to​ mind. Located at​ Lake Winnebago’s west shore,​ this state facility has about 1300 admissions every year and an average of​ 250 patients.
The facility was constructed in​ 1871. Originally named Northern Asylum for the​ Insane,​ its name was later changed to​ Winnebago State Hospital before the​ name was again changed to​ Winnebago Mental Health Institute.
Basically,​ WMHI’s services can be grouped into three areas. the​ first one is​ called Adult Service 1,​ consisting of​ forensic units. the​ second area is​ called Adult Service 2,​ for adults that are multiply impaired,​ and those requiring treatment for behavior modification,​ substance abuse and mental illnesses. the​ third unit,​ Youth Services,​ is​ for children and adolescents that are multiply impaired and those who are mentally ill and have substance abuse disorder.
The Therapeutic Services Department is​ responsible in​ evaluating and assessing the​ patients. There are 4 divisions of​ service occupational therapy,​ recreational therapy,​ speech therapy and physical therapy. These divisions are responsible in​ the​ holistic approach to​ treatment.
There are various treatment activities in​ WMHI. One of​ them is​ individual psychotherapy. a​ treatment plan is​ outlined for each patient to​ determine the​ frequency of​ sessions that he must undergo. a​ clinical staff writes notes for each visit. the​ attending psychiatrist meets the​ treatment team on​ a​ regular basis to​ review the​ treatment plan.
Another treatment activity is​ through psychopharmacology. the​ attending psychiatrist determines and orders the​ medication according to​ the​ individual patient’s treatment plan. Psychotropic medication is​ used in​ order to​ achieve treatment goals and reduce risk of​ injury and violence.
Group therapy is​ another kind of​ treatment,​ where problems of​ each patient are shared and solutions are discussed. Other treatment activities include selfhelp groups,​ family therapy and community groups.
However,​ the​ facility is​ faced with controversy lately. City inspectors found violations of​ the​ hospital. Infractions include failure to​ protect patient’s rights such as​ the​ right to​ be protected from violent and sexual behaviors of​ other patients,​ to​ have privacy and to​ be in​ a​ safe environment. Other violations include medication errors and failure to​ correct environmental hazards and infection control in​ the​ facility.
Within a​ period of​ two years,​ three deaths and one rape case were reported. These,​ among other problems,​ have caused authorities to​ cite the​ facility for neglect and lack of​ attention. Reports indicate that poor supervision and staffing as​ well as​ bad judgment in​ medication caused these problems. Because of​ this,​ the​ government ordered the​ facility to​ correct the​ problems by 2018. Otherwise,​ it​ shall lose its federal funding for both Medicaid and Medicare.
With this development,​ lawmakers have introduced a​ bipartisan bill requiring all patient deaths in​ the​ facility be investigated. This is​ to​ create more transparency and accountability to​ the​ taxpayers.
More problems are at​ hand for WMHI. Hospital officials cite financial loss as​ the​ reason why there is​ not enough staff in​ the​ facility. Because of​ such financial losses,​ there are not enough employees to​ maintain hospital safety and provide better service to​ patients.
Despite these problems that the​ Winnebago Mental Health Institute has,​ hospital officials continue to​ work hard to​ give quality treatment to​ their patients.

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