Windows And Software Installation Automation In An Enterprise

Windows and software installation automation in​ an​ enterprise
IT department automation in​ an​ enterprise.
Recommended: for the​ heads of​ enterprises,​ IT departments,​ system administrators
This article will tell you:
How to​ quickly install Windows on​ all computers of​ an​ enterprise.
How to​ quickly upgrade software on​ all enterprise computers without losing any data.
How to​ automate all kinds of​ routine processes in​ an​ enterprise.
How to​ increase the​ productivity of​ system administrators in​ an​ enterprise.
Any company faces the​ problem of​ timely software update on​ all computers as​ well as​ the​ problem of​ the​ quick recovery and configuration of​ an​ employee's working environment .​
To solve this problem we offer our product: Almeza MultiSet.
A company before using MultiSet:
The software is​ installed/configured manually with the​ employee working with this computer being idle at​ this time.
Databases are updated,​ computers are configured,​ software is​ set up - all that is​ also done manually and requires the​ administrator to​ be present at​ every computer.
Every remote office requires system administrators to​ be employed
The IT staff has to​ be arranged to​ be on​ duty 24 hours a​ day.
Expenses on​ business trips made by technical specialists are necessary.
You get the​ following benefits after you​ deploy MultiSet in​ your company:
You will need only 1 administrator at​ any point on​ the​ network to​ update any amount of​ software on​ any number of​ computers .​
Note that the​ time needed to​ update software on​ all computers will be approximately equal to​ the​ time needed for one computer!
It is​ possible to​ quickly change the​ configuration on​ multiple or​ separate computers throughout the​ entire network .​
Note that the​ administrator has to​ be physically present at​ one computer only.
It is​ possible to​ quickly and safely reinstall WindowsXP without losing any current data!
It is​ possible to​ create a​ master disk for the​ standard automatic installation of​ a​ set of​ software on​ any number of​ computers.
It is​ possible to​ automatically install Windows together with drivers,​ service packs,​ any types of​ tools and applications.
It is​ possible to​ quickly update databases,​ configuration files on​ client computers.
Using MultiSet dramatically increases the​ effectiveness of​ using the​ office hours of​ the​ IT administration department.
Why particularly MultiSet?
Reliability .​
MultiSet reliably runs on​ any type of​ Windows operating system.
Quickness .​
Due to​ its innovational algorithm,​ MultiSet performs its functions fast,​ exactly and,​ which is​ most important,​ reliably.
Trustworthiness. .​
Among our clients there are banks,​ government organizations,​ customer support services,​ large corporations,​ which proves the​ actual usefulness of​ MultiSet in​ practice.
Flexible pricing policy .​
We offer a​ very flexible pricing policy that allows you​ to​ cover a​ large number of​ computers at​ minimum cost.
Low system requirements .​
MultiSet has minimum system requirement for its work .​
MultiSet supports the​ following operating systems: Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000 (32-bit) and Windows Vista/XP/2003 (64-bit).
Small organizations often do not have enough funds to​ employ an​ administrator and it​ often happens that regular employees have to​ update and configure software.
MultiSet will allow you​ to​ reduce expenses on​ calling administrators for every client computer,​ save a​ lot of​ time for everyone and therefore provide more time for employees to​ spend on​ their direct duties.
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