Win A Luxury Cruise At Crown Bingo And Feel Like A Royalty

Win a​ Luxury Cruise At Crown Bingo And Feel Like a​ Royalty
Crown bingo gives you the​ chance to​ win a​ luxury cruise with as​ little as​ a​ £10 deposit amount .​
This will be matched with a​ 100% bonus of​ up to​ £250 giving you more to​ play with .​
Their cash cow jackpot,​ which is​ currently £5000,​ increases everyday,​ and is​ waiting to​ be won .​
a​ progressive jackpot of​ £750 on​ all bingo games is​ also at​ stake for those who can hit a​ full house in​ under 48 calls .​
Keep an​ eye open for the​ schedule of​ games which is​ posted on​ the​ site .​
Wednesday night at​ Crown bingo is​ quiz night,​ and Thursdays are big money night where a​ £2000 prize pool must be won!
Crown Bingo offers the​ standard UK 90-ball bingo .​
For first timers,​ there’s a​ free £1 for you to​ try-out the​ site before making any deposit .​
Funding your account can be done via Visa,​ MasterCard,​ Switch,​ Solo,​ Maestro or​ Visa Delta .​
Referring a​ friend can also earn you £10 when they wage at​ least £20 on​ bingo games .​
Participate in​ chat games too to​ win cash prizes .​
Over £100 is​ won daily on​ chat games alone at​ Crown bingo!
If you have any problems regarding the​ site and want immediate action,​ you can get in​ touch with their live support team through their featured live chat .​
Crown bingo also takes pride in​ having Karl Seth,​ who won the​ 2005 Bingo Caller of​ the​ Year,​ as​ their bingo caller .​
And as​ a​ clarification,​ Crown bingo has no connection with the​ bingo clubs of​ the​ same name that operates in​ the​ UK.
With its extensive information contained in​ their FAQ page,​ any questions you may have will surely be answered .​
Crown bingo’s simple and easy registration,​ and great graphics design also makes it​ a​ convenient online bingo site to​ play .​
Over all,​ Crown bingo fits your ideal online bingo site where you can try your luck at​ winning huge jackpots.

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