Why You Want To Attend Your Software User Meeting

Why You Want To Attend Your Software User Meeting

Why you​ Want to​ Attend Your Software User Meeting
You just received an​ invite from your software company for the​ Annual Client Software User Meeting .​
Which of​ the​ following will you​ do?Jump for joy and immediately begin making arrangements to​ attend! you​ have been waiting for this great opportunity all year long and the​ excitement generated can hardly be contained!Put the​ invitation aside .​
If you​ have nothing better to​ do you​ may go,​ or​ you​ may send someone else from your company that might benefit.Toss it​ into the​ circular file without opening it .​
Those things are a​ complete waste of​ time .​
What could you​ possibly gain by attending? you​ throw it​ out every year.
There are many different perspectives when it​ comes to​ a​ client software user meeting .​
Some viewpoints are based upon favorable or​ non-favorable experiences at​ past meetings .​
Others are opinions based upon how the​ individual thinks the​ meeting will be .​
Last,​ you​ have a​ group that doesn’t think there is​ any value in​ going to​ a​ software meeting because they are not technical people.
Why do people go to​ these meetings anyway? What is​ the​ profile of​ these user meeting attendees? Are they a​ technical bunch that enjoys talking about software stuff? Who really can benefit from a​ software client user meeting?
To find out answers to​ all of​ the​ above,​ it’s best to​ attend the​ next software client user meeting that you​ are invited to​ .​
Each software firm runs its own meeting and has its own style and focus for a​ user meeting .​
The common thread is​ that all software firms run these meetings in​ order to​ educate the​ users of​ their software. What varies is​ the​ style in​ which the​ education takes place.
The meeting agenda should provide you​ with good insight as​ to​ what to​ expect .​
Typically,​ software firms gear these meetings at​ owners/managers of​ their client companies. the​ goal is​ to​ educate the​ top brass so that appropriate decisions can be made at​ the​ top relating to​ the​ software used .​
This also means that the​ sessions will not be as​ technical as​ you​ might expect.
The goal of​ every software firm is​ to​ produce software that the​ users will benefit by using long-term. a​ software solution purchased today can quickly become irrelevant tomorrow .​
the​ world changes and software must change too .​
in​ order to​ service the​ needs of​ the​ client,​ it​ is​ important the​ software firm have some dialogue with its clients .​
This is​ important throughout the​ year,​ but can be especially meaningful at​ a​ client user meeting .​
a​ client user meeting takes people away from their busy day to​ day activities,​ and allows for thought and discussion amongst people who have a​ common goal .​

Though no one really has time for these meetings,​ it​ is​ an​ investment that the​ client and the​ software firm will make .​
It has been proven that clients that take advantage of​ the​ opportunity,​ always do better with the​ software.
Your typical client user meeting will offer a​ blend of​ a​ few of​ the​ following components:
new product introductionexisting product enhancementseducation on​ how to​ use current productsspeakers offering insight on​ general business issues such as​ marketing,​ industry topics of​ interest,​ and management/financialroundtable discussions among usersworkshopsfood and good company.
Hobnobbing with other folk who use the​ same software can be extremely valuable .​
Information sharing,​ networking and building relationships with others users can offer great insight and improve the​ way you​ work with the​ software .​

A software user meeting allows you​ to​ work with the​ software firm at​ a​ different level .​
You’re giving advice and in​ a​ sense becoming part of​ the​ development team .​
This allows you​ to​ protect your investment by getting more of​ what you​ need and want .​
Your industry changes and you​ have to​ explain to​ the​ software firm what you​ want so that they can give it​ to​ you​ in​ the​ form of​ new products and enhancements.
Most meetings offer learning sessions to​ improve your use of​ the​ features that you​ have .​
Users walk away from meetings almost in​ disbelief that they have some wonderful features that they didn’t realize they had .​
More than likely it​ was covered in​ training,​ but with so much to​ absorb,​ who can remember all of​ the​ tools and whistles and bells that are built into a​ comprehensive and extensive software suite .​

It’s a​ great opportunity to​ meet the​ voice over the​ phone that services you​ .​
It’s also exciting to​ be one of​ the​ first to​ see new enhancements that will soon be released .​
It’s possible you​ will have learned about some dynamic new ways that your firm can be using the​ software to​ increase sales and marketing,​ service clients and employees better or​ expand your business .​
People always walk away from a​ client meeting richer than when they came.
So,​ the​ next time you​ receive an​ invitation to​ a​ client software user meeting,​ what are you​ going to​ do with it?

Why You Want To Attend Your Software User Meeting

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