Why You Need Oxygen To Work The Law Of Attraction

Why You Need Oxygen To Work The Law Of Attraction 1

The law of​ attraction is​ all about magnetizing your visualization so that whatever that you have asked the​ universe for,​ will be attracted to​ you. One of​ the​ most important practices to​ harness the​ powers of​ electro-magnetic energy in​ the​ body is​ to​ sleep with the​ head of​ the​ bed pointing North,​ parallel to​ the​ earth’s magnetic poles. When all the​ molecules in​ the​ body are synchronized in​ one direction,​ they become magnetic,​ and will draw whatever you wish for from the​ universe.

Another important element in​ harnessing this magnetic energy is​ the​ practice of​ deep breathing. Oxygen is​ food for the​ brain and it​ has magnetic qualities. Practice deep breathing in​ an​ opened window where the​ air is​ fresh. Do not breathe the​ petrol-laden air of​ the​ streets,​ because they contain contaminants like carbon monoxide that poisons the​ body cells. if​ you can help it,​ breathe the​ morning air in​ the​ garden,​ where fresh oxygen has just been produced from the​ plants’ photosynthesis. or​ breathe the​ morning air on​ the​ hills or​ the​ salty breezy air of​ the​ sea. Oxygen makes you magnetic and causes your thoughts to​ attract whatever you are asking the​ universe.

The quality of​ the​ air and the​ oxygen in​ it​ is​ best in​ the​ morning,​ because the​ production of​ oxygen by the​ plants and trees is​ done at​ night. This is​ the​ reason why when we​ wake up in​ the​ morning to​ go to​ the​ office,​ we​ notice that the​ air is​ cool and fresh,​ because the​ oxygen has just been produced. we​ become more energetic and alert when we​ breathe in​ the​ morning air,​ as​ compared with the​ afternoon air.

If you can wake up at​ 5 am in​ the​ morning (I suggest you do because a​ lot of​ successful people wake up at​ this time as​ a​ matter of​ discipline),​ do your meditation,​ visualization and deep breathing at​ the​ same time by an​ opened window,​ provided it​ is​ not too cold. I enjoy the​ stillness of​ dawn in​ New England during the​ spring with the​ fresh crispy air in​ the​ garden. as​ I sit on​ the​ lawn chair I meditate,​ visualize and performed deep breathing and sent out my order to​ the​ universe. With the​ sound of​ birds chirping in​ the​ distance,​ it​ makes my meditation surreal and powerful. After spending about 20 minutes on​ this,​ I reward myself with a​ hot cup of​ tea. What a​ wonderful way to​ start the​ day.

The quality of​ the​ manifestations by the​ universe and the​ end result is​ dependant on​ the​ quality of​ your thought power. the​ signal that you send out has to​ have the​ power of​ electro-magnetic energy harnessed from the​ earth’s magnetic poles and the​ fresh oxygen of​ the​ morning. When you are magnetic,​ the​ universe will hear you more clearly,​ because your thought waves are more powerful. You will begin to​ notice life starting to​ change for the​ better. Your wishes will come true,​ you become healthier and more energetic,​ and people find you more attractive.

Why You Need Oxygen To Work The Law Of Attraction

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