Why Use Article Writing Software

Why Use Article Writing Software

We all know why we write articles,​ we all know it​ takes a​ long time and we all know that each article directory expects the​ article to​ be in​ it​ own special format.

Wouldn't you​ like to​ make your life a​ whole lot easier? as​ an​ owner of​ an​ articles directory I some times see 10 articles per day from the​ same author. I know that using article writing software will make his life managing the​ software a​ whole lot easier.

So every now and again a​ product comes on​ the​ market that's perfect for article writers. One such product just came across our desk,​ and it's so handy,​ yet so cheap that we had to​ tell you​ about it.

It's called Article Notepad; it's basically like Notepad but specifically designed for articles.

With it​ your articles are much better organized allowing you​ to​ create,​ edit,​ and save all your articles in​ one place.

We use it​ ourselves now instead of​ having different articles stored in​ txt or​ doc format scattered throughout my hard drive.

It features support for Title,​ Summary,​ Main Body,​ Resource Box,​ and Keywords. it​ also has a​ word count and the​ feature to​ save your resource boxes and import them into new articles.

Also a​ point which may of​ interest to​ you​ is​ that the​ full version has resale rights so if​ you​ want a​ relevant product to​ sell from your web sites where you​ keep 100% profit then this would be a​ good one.

The best part is​ that it's only $15!

Here's the​ link:


Any by the​ way,​ this article was written using Article Notepad!

Why Use Article Writing Software

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