Why Should I Use Antivirus Software

Why Should I Use Antivirus Software

Why Should I​ Use Antivirus Software?
The answer is​ really simple .​
To protect your own computer from damage,​ and to​ prevent your computer from being used to​ pass on​ infections to​ other machines without your knowledge.
Many people are reluctant to​ shell out the​ cash for decent antivirus software .​
I'll agree that at​ roughly $50 for a​ decent antivirus program,​ it​ isn't exactly small change .​
But,​ let's look at​ the​ costs more closely for a​ moment:
Computer --> $600-$4,​000
Monitor --> $250-$1000
Software --> $500-$5000
Internet Connection --> $25+/month
Personal/Business Data --> Priceless
So,​ on​ the​ low end of​ the​ scale we are looking at​ a​ computer investment similar in​ price to​ an​ older used car,​ on​ the​ higher end,​ similar to​ a​ newer used car.
Maybe I'm wrong,​ but I'm guessing that you​ wouldn't buy a​ used car that had all the​ locks removed and didn't need a​ key to​ start it,​ and comes with a​ free STEAL ME sign on​ it​ too.
Having a​ computer that does not have up-to-date antivirus protection is​ absolutely the​ same .​
You are simply asking for trouble.
And trouble WILL find you.
How can I​ be so sure? Simply because that is​ what viruses,​ worms,​ malware etc .​
are made to​ do .​
Their ONLY job is​ to​ find unprotected computers and attack and hijack them without your knowledge .​
These things are VERY good at​ what they are built to​ do,​ and they NEVER stop .​
If your computer isn't protected,​ and you​ share disks or​ go online,​ it​ will get infected.
The top antivirus software programs cost as​ little as​ 2 months internet connection .​
They all include constant and unlimited automatic updates that keep your system safe and clean.
If you​ can afford $1500+ on​ a​ computer,​ $300+/year on​ internet connections,​ you​ can definitely afford another $50 once to​ make it​ safe (and prevent it​ from being used to​ spread viruses and Trojan horses behind your back).
Anything less would be uncivilized!
P.S .​
Some people have started to​ make claims that if​ you​ don't use antivirus software you​ should be held legally responsible if​ your machine be used as​ part of​ an​ attack (even if​ you​ did not know about it).

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