Why SEM Search Engine Marketing

What is​ SEM ?

Where SEM is​ an​ acronyms of​ Search Engine Marketing and which is​ the​ fastest,​ most powerful,​ highly-targeted,​ most dynamic,​ highly-measurable and most cost-effective marketing strategy that can give your business the​ power to​ reach potential customers anywhere in​ the​ world.

Search Engine Marketing or​ SEM is​ about making sure that your Web site appears on​ the​ top 20 of​ search results every time potential customers search for whatever products and/or services that you​ offer on​ any of​ the​ major Search Engines including Google,​ Yahoo and MSN.

So Search engine marketing is​ an​ alternative to​ traditional marketing such as​ commercials,​ brochures,​ and print advertising.

Types of​ SEM

There are two forms of​ search engine marketing today. They are:

1 - Natural search engine listings - such as​ those returned in​ numeric form on​ major search engines like Yahoo,​ Google and MSN.

2 - Paid search engine listings - such as​ those returned in​ sponsored areas of​ search results on​ these same engines and others that belong to​ their network.

What are natural search engine listings?

There are two kinds of​ search engine listings. Natural and Paid. Natural listings are the​ listings that are not paid for. They are determined by the​ search engines' algorithms for finding,​ sorting and ranking pages based on​ relevancy. Because natural listings are considered "more accurate" by searchers,​ getting in​ natural listings is​ typically preferable to​ getting in​ paid listings.

What is​ Paid search engine listings?

Paid listings are usually labeled in​ a​ separate section such as​ "sponsored listings.Paid search engine are those returned based on​ auction type keyword bidding. These listings are displayed in​ sponsored areas of​ search results and are paid for on​ a​ per-click basis.

So search engine marketing is​ an​ essential part of​ business and should not be underestimated and Search engine marketing is​ responsible for millions of​ consumer transactions daily.
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