Why Parents Need Keylogger Software

The emergence of​ the​ internet,​ and associated technologies like email and instant messaging,​ present problems for today’s parents that were unimaginable just twenty years ago. Children use computers for homework,​ surf the​ web at​ their leisure and socialize through instant messaging – activities that are often outside direct parental control and by themselves leave little or​ no record of​ their occurrence.

Some parents attempt to​ solve the​ problem by banning computer use entirely or​ allowing it​ only when a​ parent directly supervises,​ but most find this is​ not a​ realistic solution and places their child at​ an​ academic and social disadvantage compared to​ other children. on​ the​ other hand,​ unfettered access to​ a​ computer with access to​ the​ internet poses real dangers to​ children. Consider the​ following:

• Computer-sex offenders almost always meet potential victims in​ instant message chat rooms. Chat rooms grant these predators anonymity and a​ belief their instant messages are not monitored or​ recorded.
• The average age of​ first exposure to​ po​rnography is​ over the​ internet is​ 11 years old.
• The FBI recommends you​ monitor your child's access to​ all types of​ live electronic communications,​ including instant message and email.
• One out of​ five children were aggressively pushed to​ have face-to-face meetings with strangers in​ the​ last year,​ often via instant messaging.
• Because young people often find instant messaging easier than talking face to​ face,​ they often say things they wouldn't say in​ person. Cyber-bullying has become a​ new form of​ harassment.
• While online predators usually gradually seduce their targets through attention,​ affection,​ kindness,​ and even gifts,​ some predators work faster than others,​ engaging in​ sexually explicit conversations immediately.

Many parents are finding an​ acceptable middle-ground between no supervision and direct personal control of​ their children’s computer use is​ to​ use inexpensive and readily available keylogger software. Keylogger software monitors a​ child’s actions on​ the​ computer and stores this information for later review by a​ parent. Quality varies,​ but keylogger software is​ usually easy to​ install and setup,​ requires no advanced knowledge by the​ user,​ and often can be purchased for less than $30( one vendor of​ keylogging software is​ PCSentinel Software - www.pcsentinelsoftware.com ). Outside of​ physically being present and watching while a​ child uses the​ computer,​ keylogger software is​ the​ only way for a​ parent to​ really know how their child is​ using their computer.

Unfortunately,​ some parents are resistant to​ using keylogger software because they feel they are they are spying on​ their children,​ or​ that their children are good kids and don’t require this level of​ supervision. However,​ the​ fact remains that even “good” or​ “smart” children are still just children and often make,​ or​ can be induced to​ make,​ very bad choices with awful consequences. Even savvy children who feel they are protecting their private information from strangers in​ chat rooms often don’t realize how much personal information they may reveal over many conversations – and predators are known to​ keep detailed files on​ their victims,​ often piecing together small bits of​ information gathered over many conversations to​ construct an​ outline of​ a​ child’s daily routine and whereabouts.

Ultimately,​ it​ is​ hard to​ argue that keylogging software is​ not a​ necessary tool for every parent with children who have access to​ the​ internet. Simply put,​ it​ is​ the​ parent’s responsibility to​ know with certainty what is​ going on​ in​ their children’s lives – and given the​ dangers of​ unmonitored internet access the​ only way parents really know how their children are using their computer is​ through keylogging software.

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