Why It Is Important To Enable End Users In Project Management Software

Why it​ is​ Important to​ Enable End Users in​ Project Management Software
By: Lawrence Calmus
Choosing the​ Right Business Path
Technology advances at​ such a​ rapid rate that with each passing day it​ seems to​ only go faster .​
Business professionals strive to​ choose the​ best tools to​ efficiently manage and execute projects .​
With technology moving so fast,​ there is​ no time to​ go down the​ wrong path .​
Once on​ a​ familiar path,​ one can continue with confidence .​
the​ biggest fear is​ starting off on​ the​ wrong path .​
There is​ a​ simple guideline for determining the​ correct path and it​ is​ this – empowering the​ end user .​
End users are their own experts,​ so the​ more ability you​ give them to​ control their tools the​ more they will feel comfortable with any given product.
The Current Situation
We live in​ a​ time of​ technology when access to​ tools has exceeded political boundaries .​
The Internet and the​ World Wide Web are part of​ a​ user-driven force that is​ affecting everything in​ society .​
Entertainment has become decentralized .​
We can download songs,​ which means we do not have to​ go to​ the​ concerts; we can download a​ movie,​ which means we do not have to​ go to​ the​ theater .​
We are in​ fact becoming a​ world of​ Do It Yourselfers who expect user-driven tools .​
the​ last thing we want is​ for our tools to​ drive us.
Technology is​ always somewhere between the​ center point and the​ perimeter.
End users towards the​ perimeter have greater control over their tools and the​ systems they use,​ whereas end users towards the​ center have little or​ no input .​
They must follow the​ dictates of​ the​ tool’s designer.
Some History
In the​ past,​ when you​ wanted to​ place a​ call you​ gave the​ operator the​ number and the​ call was put through for you​ .​
Today we dial directly .​
We still purchase newspapers and read what the​ editor laid out for us .​
But now we can go to​ Digg.com and see what the​ readers think should be on​ the​ front page .​
Technology seems to​ be moving us away from the​ center and out towards the​ perimeter .​
Kodak built a​ business on​ developing film,​ whereas the​ digital camera allows us as​ many shots as​ we want followed by all the​ manipulation of​ the​ image cared for.
Design For the​ Perimeter
By its nature,​ technology is​ moving away from the​ center towards the​ perimeter .​
End users are empowered to​ not only do more things,​ but to​ have those things feed back into the​ system and affect end results .​
the​ success of​ a​ new piece of​ technology or​ business is​ based on​ a​ wide number of​ factors,​ but empowering your users rather than trying to​ overpower them truly provides the​ best foundation .​

Interneer Intellect: Project Management Software that empowers the​ end user.
In the​ realm of​ project management software,​ systems such as​ Interneer Intellect are built on​ this concept .​
Interneer Intellect allows the​ administrative user to​ actually design the​ templates and workflows that project executers see .​
the​ entire project management process is​ guided and designed by the​ project managers themselves,​ without hard coding .​
This is​ a​ major breakthrough for project management software .​

Most systems trap the​ end user into attempting to​ execute unique and often complicated projects with the​ limited functionality of​ pre-designed templates .​
If the​ business then wants to​ change the​ program to​ reflect the​ types of​ projects they run the​ system must be programmed,​ costing unnecessary amounts of​ time and money .​

Interneer Intellect empowers the​ end users to​ design,​ manage and execute every project in​ the​ most effective way possible .​

This invaluable feature has convinced enterprises like Bose,​ Boeing,​ Verizon and Harman International to​ turn to​ this tool for their project management needs.

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