Why Is The Law Of Attraction So Hard To Apply

Why Is The Law Of Attraction So Hard To Apply 1

Very often people ask,​ “Why is​ the​ law of​ attraction so hard to​ apply to​ my life?”
Perhaps you are one of​ the​ many people who feel a​ bit frustrated by the​ results you are getting.

Most people believe that attraction begins and ends with negative or​ positive thoughts. While your thoughts do matter there is​ more to​ the​ attraction process and much more to​ understand about the​ nature of​ thought.

You see negative and positive thoughts do have a​ charge. a​ negative thought has a​ much weaker charge than a​ higher more positive thought.

Success with the​ law of​ attraction depends on​ you having higher thoughts not simple because they affirm what you want to​ attract but because the​ higher your over all thought frequency the​ higher your attraction.

For most people it​ is​ quite hard to​ elevate their thought vibration to​ a​ higher more powerful frequency. It’s not as​ easy as​ simply saying,​ “Today,​ I am going to​ think positive thoughts.” After many years of​ thinking in​ a​ negative way a​ persons over all frequency is​ quite low and it​ will take a​ little extra to​ change that over all frequency.

The lower your frequency the​ harder it​ is​ for you to​ actually attract what you want. the​ law of​ attraction will simply keep you at​ the​ same level where you presently are. One or​ two positive thoughts will not automatically make you a​ magnet for attracting what you want.

There are many ancient practices that can help in​ shifting a​ persons over all frequency to​ astonishingly higher levels very easy and in​ a​ matter of​ minutes. Often we​ turn away from teachings that are foreign to​ us but the​ reality is,​ if​ you want to​ change your life you must be willing to​ do things differently from the​ way you have always done it.

You must be willing to​ be open in​ order to​ maximize your understanding of​ the​ law of​ attraction and your ability to​ manifest what you want.

What would you be willing to​ do to​ finally attract what you want easily?

Why Is The Law Of Attraction So Hard To Apply

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