Who Can Get Payday Loans

Who Can Get Payday Loans?
Have you​ ever been hit with an​ unexpected expense—or various unexpected expenses all at​ once—between pay days,​ with no extra money to​ cover them? An unexpected expense can be a​ medical bill,​ a​ car repair or​ other major repair bill or​ an​ emergency overseas or​ cross-country trip to​ a​ funeral .​
Maybe you​ wrote a​ check months ago and forgot about it,​ and it’s about to​ get withdrawn from your account and you​ won’t have the​ funds to​ cover it .​
Perhaps you​ have a​ steady full-time job but you​ haven’t been able to​ save very much money for emergencies .​
These scenarios can happen to​ almost anybody,​ and one viable and convenient option is​ getting a​ payday loan.
However,​ payday loans are not for everyone .​
First of​ all,​ if​ you​ do not have a​ current job of​ some sort—even if​ you​ have a​ verifiable history of​ employment—payday loan lenders cannot consider your application because you​ need to​ prove you​ can pay the​ loan off on​ your next pay day in​ a​ job you​ have now,​ not a​ potential future job .​
Secondly,​ in​ order to​ qualify for a​ payday loan,​ you​ also need a​ bank account so the​ loan company can deposit the​ borrowed amount and can also withdraw the​ same amount plus the​ borrowing fee on​ your next pay day with a​ check you’ve written .​
In addition,​ there are a​ few payday loan lenders who may require extra collateral,​ like the​ title and registration of​ your car,​ for example.
While almost everyone who has a​ job and a​ checking account qualifies to​ apply for a​ loan,​ there are some exceptions .​
For example,​ even though the​ quick and easy application process requires no credit checks,​ some potential applicants may be denied the​ chance for a​ payday loan if​ they are considered to​ be a​ risky borrower,​ someone who has a​ confirmed history of​ bouncing checks,​ based on​ running database companies such as​ ChexSystems or​ TeleCheck Recovery Services .​
If running a​ program like these proves that you​ have bounced too many checks,​ you​ may be considered too much of​ a​ risk for the​ lender’s standards and therefore denied a​ payday loan.
Yet,​ in​ spite of​ these minor restrictions,​ most people who apply for a​ payday loan—whether in​ person at​ a​ payday loan or​ cash advance store,​ over the​ phone or​ online—get approved for one and are able to​ effectively deal with the​ unexpected expense or​ unexpected expenses in​ a​ quick,​ simple and mostly hassle-free way .​
If you’re able to​ pay back the​ loan right away—generally,​ on​ your next pay day—then the​ fee incurred for the​ fast,​ convenient payment to​ help you​ out with your urgent financial crisis can be worth every penny and more.

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