Where Is The Law Of Attraction When A Tsunami Hits

Where Is The Law Of Attraction When A Tsunami Hits 1

Several people have written to​ me asking for help in​ understanding how the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ at​ work when something as​ serious as​ the​ tsunami in​ Asia occurs. if​ you are wondering the​ same thing,​ then this article may help you understand AND keep your own vibration high and clear.

First,​ listen for stories of​ people who escaped or​ survived the​ tsunami. While the​ majority of​ news reports will focus on​ death and destruction,​ if​ you are listening for the​ positive,​ you'll hear about people who missed their flight to​ Asia,​ due to​ a​ snow storm in​ New England. You'll hear about people who decided to​ tour ancient ruins in​ the​ highlands. People will tell how their lives were saved despite being caught in​ the​ flood. Many people will wonder why they were NOT caught in​ the​ tsunami--that's Law of​ Attraction at​ work.

Second,​ you don't have to​ spend hours listening and watching the​ news. You really don't. You know enough already to​ be aware of​ what is​ happening without getting caught up in​ the​ vibration of​ fear and panic,​ grief and despair. AND if​ you do watch it,​ soon you will begin to​ vibrate that same frequency of​ fear,​ panic,​ grief and despair and the​ Law of​ Attraction WILL deliver what you vibrate. No,​ you don't want to​ go there! So,​ watch a​ funny movie (yes,​ you can do that). Read a​ good novel. Do whatever you need to​ do to​ keep your vibration positive.

"But what about all the​ people who died? Surely they didn't ask for that!" No,​ they didn't ask for this--not on​ a​ conscious level. But,​ let me ask you this question: is​ it​ possible for the​ Universe,​ Law of​ Attraction or​ God to​ arrange for so many people to​ be in​ the​ precise place where they will all return to​ spirit at​ the​ same time?

Right now,​ you are safe. if​ you are reading this article,​ you have electricity and a​ computer...you are fine. Repeat after me: "Today I am fine. Right now,​ I am safe." You are.

"How can I help the​ people who are suffering right now?" Keep your thoughts focused on​ things that are positive and of​ high vibration. Visualize food and water reaching people,​ bringing relief to​ their bodies and gratitude to​ their hearts. Contribute financially to​ relief agencies if​ you want to​ help in​ a​ material way.

And remember,​ Law of​ Attraction is​ always at​ work,​ whether we​ understand it​ or​ not. From "9-11" to​ wars,​ to​ tsunami floods,​ to​ joyous prosperity and celebrations. Everything vibrates and you attract into your life precisely what you are vibrating.

Where Is The Law Of Attraction When A Tsunami Hits

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