When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Software

When is​ the​ Right Time to​ Upgrade Software?
I don't claim to​ be a​ techie,​ but I​ thought I​ would say a​ few words about upgrading software programs .​
If you​ use software,​ such as​ Microsoft Office,​ on​ a​ regular basis,​ how often should you​ upgrade to​ a​ newer version? That depends on​ several factors,​ such as​ support (is your current version still supported by the​ software company?),​ features,​ and compatibility with other software programs on​ your computer.
I recently upgraded my version of​ Office XP to​ Office 2003 .​
However,​ it​ took me a​ long time to​ make the​ decision to​ upgrade .​
The XP version had all of​ the​ features I​ thought I​ needed .​
The programs - Word,​ Excel,​ Outlook,​ and PowerPoint,​ all seemed to​ be working fine,​ and XP was still supported by Microsoft .​
Well,​ being a​ business person in​ an​ administrative profession,​ I​ need to​ constantly update my software skills,​ and that includes working with various office software applications .​
As I​ came across online training classes for Word,​ Excel,​ etc.,​ I​ started to​ realize that classes in​ XP applications were no longer being offered .​
That is​ really what cinched it​ for me .​
Since upgrading,​ I've also come to​ like certain features in​ each of​ the​ programs .​
I'm also learning Publisher,​ which came with the​ upgraded version,​ and may help me with desktop publishing projects for my clients.
The bottom line is​ that as​ long as​ your current software programs offer you​ everything you​ need,​ there is​ no reason to​ upgrade to​ a​ newer version unless you​ simply want to​ .​
It's really a​ subjective,​ individual preference .​
That is​ my take on​ upgrading software!

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