What You Need To Know About Patch Management Software

What you​ Need to​ Know About Patch Management Software
What is​ Patch Management Software?
Patch management software uses a​ system for scanning,​ management and applying of​ patches in​ a​ network environment in​ order to​ make it​ secure and free from vulnerabilities .​
Patch management software allows for the​ approval and denial of​ patches used on​ desktops,​ laptops,​ servers,​ and other mobile devices .​
It is​ software that detects weak and possibly susceptible infrastructures that may be present in​ software applications and varying operating systems that threaten the​ security of​ the​ network.
Who is​ Patch Management Software for?
Patch management software is​ for anyone who wants a​ secure network,​ easy management of​ changes and updates,​ and efficient network management .​
IT professionals in​ small businesses to​ large organizations are prime candidates for patch management software .​
The larger the​ organization,​ the​ more important it​ is​ to​ have patch management software.
What are the​ main features of​ Patch Management Software?
* Patch approval or​ denial
* Automatic and recurring scans
* Policy based patch management
* Complete automation for patch location,​ discovery,​ and deployment
* Reliable and up-to-date patch databases
* Complete rollback to​ pre-patch environment
* Rapid,​ easy,​ & automated deployment
* Flexible configurations
* Multilingual consoles
* Complete & comprehensive local/web-based reports and history
* Multi-OS vulnerability scanning and patching
* Cross platform product installation
* Client-side aptitude
Why should you​ use Patch Management Software?
Here are 7 good reasons:
* to​ ensure that the​ most appropriate software available is​ installed
* to​ seal security ambiguities in​ systems that can be exploited by malicious attacks
* to​ reduce system downtime and keep up with system changes,​ bugs and issues
* to​ limit attacks that target known software vulnerabilities by hackers
* to​ be the​ last line of​ defense and secure networks from security threats
* to​ evaluate and choose the​ proper patches for each computing platform
* to​ defend your IT infrastructure and keep up with ordinary maintenance
What kind of​ financial investment can you​ expect to​ make for Patch Management Software?
Here are a​ few guidelines to​ help you:
* It’s usually on​ a​ volume system license basis .​
For example if​ you​ need have less than 100 systems on​ your network,​ it​ may cost you​ anywhere between $200 -$1000 for the​ license .​
On the​ other hand,​ if​ you​ have more than a​ 1000 systems on​ your network,​ it​ may cost you​ somewhere around $2500 – $5000 for the​ license.
* There are companies that provide unlimited licensing,​ but that can cost $6000+ .​
Generally companies provide yearly licenses .​
So when you​ are trying to​ figure your budget,​ make sure you​ calculate these figures in​ for a​ yearly basis.
* Many times the​ licenses are by seats (which is​ still the​ number of​ computers on​ the​ network) .​
The prices for seats can range from $150 - $300 for up to​ 5 seats or​ $3500 - $10,​000 for 100 or​ more seats.
* the​ most important thing to​ understand is​ that price varies by company and need .​
Be sure to​ ask a​ lot of​ questions and use the​ guidelines you​ find on​ this page before you​ make your final decision or​ make any financial investment.
For more information on​ patch management software or​ other types of​ management software,​ visit Management Software Review (managementsoftwarereview.org) .​
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