What You Need To Know About Ipod Docking Stations

What You Need To Know About Ipod Docking Stations
The iPod docking station is​ probably the​ must have accessory to​ go with your iPod,​ especially if​ you are a​ constant or​ frequent user .​
The docking station allows the​ iPod to​ fully charge while still allowing the​ listener to​ enjoy their music without interruption .​
The docking station also keeps the​ iPod safe and secure,​ avoiding the​ chance of​ damage if​ it​ were simply left on​ a​ chair or​ on​ a​ table .​
There are several different options in​ iPod docking stations and the​ choice is​ largely one of​ price and convenience .​
For the​ tiny iPod Nano,​ a​ simple docking cradle gives the​ basic stability to​ the​ player and allows the​ Nano to​ be synched to​ the​ computer for downloads while charging .​
While the​ simple cradle does not have speakers of​ its own,​ an​ audio-out port allows the​ Nano in​ the​ docking cradle to​ be connected to​ external speakers,​ headphones,​ or​ even through your computer to​ play all your favorite songs while charging the​ battery .​
Typically these smaller cradle style docking stations are less than $20.00 US .​
Larger docking stations for iPod Video or​ MP3 players typically have built-in speakers on​ either side of​ the​ docking cradle .​
These speakers are designed to​ be ultra high quality to​ preserve the​ sound from the​ iPod itself .​
Many of​ the​ larger docking stations come with surround sound speakers,​ subwoofers,​ tweeters and 3-D sound processors for an​ amazing sound quality from a​ small package .​
As with the​ simple cradle docking stations,​ the​ iPod is​ easily connected to​ the​ computer with a​ USB cable or​ FireWire connection .​
This allows synchronizing and downloading of​ songs while charging the​ batteries on​ the​ iPod and listening to​ tracks through the​ speakers .​
Some docking stations have optional battery power to​ charge the​ iPods,​ typically using four or​ more AA batteries .​
This additional battery feature makes it​ an​ ideal choice for having to​ connect to​ a​ computer in​ areas where there are not enough power outlets,​ or​ even for playing and charging your iPod outside or​ in​ remote areas .​
Most of​ the​ larger,​ speaker-equipped docking stations range in​ price from $30.00 to​ under $100.00 .​
There are some very unique in-wall docking stations that keep your iPod in​ a​ safely recessed dock that is​ permanently mounted to​ a​ wall behind or​ near your computer,​ but these are usually quite a​ bit more expensive .​
In addition many of​ the​ docking stations also have radios and additional features to​ make them more versatile .​
When purchasing an​ iPod docking station it​ is​ important to​ carefully read what size and type of​ iPod the​ docking station can handle .​
Typically iPod docking stations will have additional inserts to​ allow them to​ hold a​ Nano but not all can hold the​ smaller,​ new generation of​ iPods.

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