What To Look When Buying Ipod Accessories

What To Look When Buying Ipod Accessories

What To Look When Buying iPod Accessories
The large accessories market that has built up around the​ iPod is​ sometimes described as​ the​ iPod ecosystem .​
a​ host of​ different companies produce accessories that are designed to​ work with the​ iPod.
Companies such as​ JBL,​ Bose,​ Altec Lansing,​ and Kensington all make speakers that are designed specifically to​ work with the​ iPod,​ using the​ iPod's thirty pin dock connector.
Other companies,​ such as​ Griffin Technology and Monster Cable,​ make add-ons that allow the​ iPod to​ record sound,​ recharge on​ the​ go,​ play music over the​ radio,​ or​ be used wirelessly with a​ remote.
One of​ the​ most useful iPod accessories is​ a​ protective case which protects your iPod's screen and back from scratches and scuffs .​
Cases come either in​ clear or​ in​ a​ number of​ colors to​ match your style and personality.
With Apple's release of​ the​ iPod Nano and the​ iPod Video,​ iPods are becoming more and more popular .​
They're wonderful little gadgets,​ but they become even more useful with one of​ many iPod accessories that can personalize your mp3 player and tailor it​ to​ your needs.
Another way to​ protect and carry your iPod is​ with an​ arm band,​ which makes it​ easy to​ rock out to​ your music while working out at​ the​ gym.
On the​ way home,​ instead of​ sitting through the​ chatter of​ radio DJs in​ traffic,​ you can listen to​ your iPod in​ your car .​
Various FM transmitters can allow you to​ listen to​ your iPod on​ your car stereo,​ and power adapters let you plug in​ for the​ long haul.
No more screwing around with racks of​ tapes or​ CDs in​ your car in​ order to​ listen to​ your music; now thousands of​ songs are at​ your fingertips.
These transmitter/power combinations can be the​ perfect iPod accessory for long commutes or​ cross-country road trips.
Once you make it​ back to​ your home or​ apartment you can drop you iPod into a​ speaker set and listen to​ your music at​ home too .​
Many speaker combos are compatible with the​ iPod base station,​ which charges your iPod and allowsyou to​ connect it​ to​ your home stereo or​ television.
Of course,​ the​ new iPods with video and photo capabilities allow for a​ wholenew host of​ iPod accessories .​
A/V cables allow you to​ share photos directly from your digital camera to​ your iPod,​ and allow you to​ connect your iPod to​ your television to​ transport your movies and show them on​ the​ big screen.
You can even get a​ wireless remote to​ incorporate your iPod into your home stereo or​ theatre,​ putting thousands of​ songs,​ videos,​ and photos at​ your fingertips.
Other iPod accessories expand the​ boundaries of​ what you thought your iPod could do .​
The Griffin iTalk allows you to​ take voice and audio recordingsleaving yourself audio with your iPod,​ making it​ a​ handy tool for tasks from reminders to​ dictating letters and documents directly to​ mp3 files.
With the​ hundreds of​ iPod accessories on​ the​ market,​ you can quickly turn any iPod into your iPod and have a​ customized mp3 player to​ fit all of​ your needs.

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