What To Do When Your Ipod Gets Waterlogged

What To Do When Your IPod Gets Waterlogged
The MacIntosh iPod has become a​ very important accessory to​ many music and video lovers around the​ world .​
They are so small and so portable that you can take them anywhere you want and everyone in​ all age groups love them .​
The iPod can hold 15,​000 song downloads,​ 150 video hours and 25,​000 pictures .​
This makes it​ convenient to​ hear all your favorite music anytime and anywhere you want .​
You can also end up dropping it​ in​ many unwanted places due to​ its small size.
Many iPod users have found themselves in​ the,​ not so nice position,​ of​ dropping it​ in​ or​ near water .​
It can be dropped when brushing teeth,​ washing up or​ at​ the​ pool .​
It unfortunately gets dropped in​ puddles and all sorts of​ strange places .​
The biggest concern for most people in​ this situation is​ if​ it​ can be repaired .​
The answer to​ that in​ many cases is​ yes,​ unless of​ course it​ was extreme damage .​
All it​ takes is​ a​ couple of​ easy parts or​ repairs to​ your waterlogged iPod.
Of course the​ first move would be to​ get the​ iPod out of​ the​ water immediately,​ and turn it​ off .​
You can get shocked so make sure it’s off .​
Then you would want it​ to​ become completely dry .​
This will take some time and wrapping it​ up in​ a​ towel or​ something to​ help it​ dry .​
Then put it​ in​ a​ nice moderately warm place or​ room,​ even on​ a​ window sill would be fine .​
Then it’s best to​ wait at​ least 48 hours or​ longer is​ even better,​ before you try to​ repair .​
After the​ required amount of​ time try switching it​ on,​ if​ you get the​ folder or​ sad face don’t get worried yet,​ it​ is​ recommended that you restore and erase the​ iPod.
To do this step you will need:
- To go to​ My Computer,​ then select desktop.
- Next you will click on​ iPod.
- Right click and select format.
- Next select FAT 32 and
- Then reboot.
The restore and erase should work for you if​ the​ hard drive was damaged .​
If this does not work,​ you may be facing a​ more difficult situation of​ having to​ replace some parts or​ getting professional repair.
There are waterproof products to​ go along with your iPod,​ that’s always a​ wise decision so you won’t need to​ face this again .​
Otterbox has many accessories to​ help keep your iPod dry .​
They can hook you up with waterproof cases so you can even take your iPod in​ the​ shower or​ other places around the​ water .​
People seem to​ love their products and they seem to​ work well .​
RazorReef also has a​ collection of​ tools for you,​ even swim belts and headphones .​
Now there will be no worries when you are on​ the​ beach or​ anywhere else.
If your iPod is​ totally unable to​ be repaired you can always recycle it​ and get a​ ten percent discount.

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