What Is The Universal Law Of Attraction

What Is The Universal Law Of Attraction

The Universal Law of​ Attraction states:
We attract whatever we​ choose to​ give our attention to--whether wanted or​ unwanted.

Most of​ the​ time,​ we​ attract by 'default' rather than by deliberate choice. we​ just sort of​ go through our day,​ focusing on​ problems that need to​ be solved or​ on​ things that did not feel good nor seem right. in​ so doing,​ we​ are actually creating more problems,​ more of​ what does not feel good and more of​ what does not seem right.

Think of​ yourself as​ a​ huge magnet. the​ kind that pulls metal to​ itself from afar off. it​ doesn't "try" to​ attract,​ it​ simply does attract. it​ is​ the​ same way for us. Whether or​ not we​ are trying to​ attract,​ we​ ARE doing so all the​ time. (Except when we​ are asleep.) And we​ attract the​ likeness of​ what we​ think about. if​ we​ are thinking about a​ lack of​ something,​ we​ are attracting more lack (scarcity). if​ we​ are thinking about something we​ love,​ we​ are attracting more of​ what we​ love and enjoy. I know it​ sounds incredibly simple,​ and it​ is.

We humans are actually very powerful attractors and we​ can use this wonderful,​ god-given power to​ attract more of​ what we​ want in​ life-simply by paying attention to​ where we​ place our thoughts and desires.

An old proverb just came to​ my mind: "As a​ man thinks in​ his heart,​ so is​ he." Proverbs 23:7 It's interesting that the​ writer of​ this proverb says "thinks in​ his heart" because most of​ the​ time,​ we​ think that we​ think with our mind. However,​ it​ is​ truly from the​ heart where we​ do our thinking,​ our believing,​ our ' vibrating.'

It is​ from the​ heart that we​ attract. Picture your heart as​ a​ powerful magnet. the​ heart is​ the​ ' vibrator' of​ all signals that attract.

Think of​ a​ radio. it​ has many different stations. to​ tune into a​ station you dial a​ specific frequency. as​ soon as​ we​ turn our attention to​ something (dialed it's frequency) it​ begins its journey to​ us.

To be rid of​ something you do not want in​ your life,​ simply tune in​ to​ a​ different vibration (frequency or​ radio station)--to something that you do want.

I see the​ art of​ Deliberate Attraction as​ consisting of​ three parts:

1. Getting very clear about what it​ is​ I am wanting
2. Raising my vibration until it​ matches what I want
3. Allowing what I want to​ come to​ me

We have the​ opportunity to​ gain clarity in​ knowing precisely what we​ want,​ through the​ many 'contrasts' that life offers us. the​ key to​ successfully using contrast is​ to​ observe it​ briefly and use it​ to​ help you decided what you do want. This takes a​ little practice,​ since our habit is​ to​ talk about,​ tell others about and focus on​ what we​ did not like.

It is​ usually part three that trips me up. I have held onto some self-limiting beliefs for a​ very long time-so long that I no longer recognize them,​ yet they are still vibrating below the​ surface,​ canceling out what I am wanting.

My work is​ to​ let go of​ all resistance and believe that what I am wanting will come to​ me--simply because I want it.

What Is The Universal Law Of Attraction

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