What Is An Ipod

What Is An Ipod

What is​ an​ iPod? Who are you,​ my mother? Well,​ it’s a​ reasonable enough question. Chances are that you are probably aware that it’s an​ iPod is​ a​ little gadget that your grandson wants for his birthday and that its costs a​ lot of​ money and what wrong with this transistor radio anyway? What’s wrong? Everything.

You want to​ know what is​ an​ iPod? It’s a​ product created by Apple. Depending on​ which version you have its possibilities for functionality are seeming to​ approach limitless. Lets assume that you’re going to​ pick up the​ new 5th generation for the​ grandkid,​ because if​ he’s like most kids nowadays,​ he’s probably rude,​ disrespectful and ungrateful…unless he gets exactly what he wants; which is​ a​ 5th generation iPod.

When he opens it​ up and starts it​ up he’ll be looking at​ the​ possibility of​ storing up to​ 15,​000 songs,​ and oddly enough he will too. He’ll be able to​ load his iPod up with 25,​000 crystal clear color photos. His new best friend has the​ capacity to​ store up to​ 150 hours videos or​ movies that all have the​ same quality as​ the​ photos. And he can roam the​ mean streets of​ your quiet town for 20 hours before this thing runs out of​ batteries.

So aside from everything that should have tempted you to​ buy the​ kid one long ago,​ excellent quality,​ great capacity,​ podcast possibilities,​ etc; you’ve got every reason in​ the​ world to​ push aside your concerns. the​ new iPods are smaller,​ lighter,​ and have more options than one could reasonably want. the​ new 5th generation iPod does so many things that you won’t be asking what is​ an​ iPod,​ but what isn’t an​ iPod.

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