What Ipod Is For You

What iPod is​ For You?
They're everywhere,​ and not only are they everywhere,​ they look cool too .​
Since its launch in​ 2001,​ 10 million have sold and 8 million of​ those were in​ 2004 .​
So welcome to​ the​ next generation .​
8 tracks,​ records,​ cassettes,​ CDs,​ and now the​ iPod.
I don't have one,​ yet .​
My first taste of​ it​ came when my girlfriend got one,​ and asked if​ I​ would set it​ up for her using my computer .​
Wearing those now immediately recognizable hip cream coloured headphones,​ I​ could feel the​ eyes of​ every have-not-an-iPod on​ me with curiosity and maybe a​ little jealousy .​
I​ even started walking differently .​
Listening to​ Led Zeppelin,​ then Radiohead,​ and then some Bob Marley on​ my way to​ school,​ there was definitely more spring in​ my step,​ and I​ sat through class in​ a​ much better mood than usual .​
For a​ mere two days it​ was in​ my possession and immediately I​ could feel myself being sucked into its cult.
And why wouldn't you' An iPod lets you put 10,​000 songs inside something the​ size of​ a​ pack of​ cigarettes .​
Gone are the​ heavy,​ fragile CD cases and the​ Discman that skips after each step.
Is the​ iPod changing the​ way we​ listen to​ music' Undeniably .​
With an​ iPod,​ we​ can take our music anywhere,​ and not just one album like we​ could with the​ walkman .​
Now we​ can carry our entire collections everywhere we​ go .​
It can play mixes at​ parties .​
You can bring it​ on​ the​ commute to​ work or​ for a​ jog .​
You can save Microsoft Word documents on​ it​ and photos for that matter .​
Don't like a​ particular song on​ an​ album' Delete it .​
Thanks to​ the​ iPod,​ music has become an​ even bigger part of​ our lives because now it's just a​ click away,​ and it's exactly how we​ want it.
Apart from the​ possibility of​ our entire collections being with us at​ all times,​ the​ iPod's capabilities have done something even better .​
By being able to​ store over 700 albums,​ the​ iPod is​ encouraging us to​ try types of​ music we​ might not have listened to​ before .​
When burning a​ CD to​ an​ iPod takes a​ short few minutes,​ what's there to​ lose'
But is​ it​ all just a​ trend' Doubtful,​ especially with people spending on​ average 100 pounds on​ iPod accessories .​
It's difficult to​ picture something people now say they can't live without vanishing,​ unless Apple CEO Steve Jobs finds another way to​ outdo himself yet again .​
And on​ that note now Apple has come out with the​ smaller,​ cheaper version of​ the​ iPod called the​ iPod shuffle .​
Will it​ have the​ same impact as​ its predecessor' Only time will tell.

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