What Else Can Ipods Do

What Else Can Ipods Do

What Else Can iPods Do?
Ipods have become synomnous with music .​
However,​ with its 30 to​ 60 gigabytes,​ the​ iPod can handle more than just music .​
In addition to​ listening to​ your favorite tunes,​ you can also store up to​ 25,​000 photos as​ well as​ 7,​500 videos.
Some owners are even using their IPod with Microsoft Outlook Express or​ Outlook to​ assist in​ coordinating their calendar and contacts.
You can transfer files with your iPod .​
For example,​ when the​ memory on​ your digital camera becomes full,​ you can upload pictures from your camera to​ the​ IPod,​ freeing up camera space to​ take more pictures .​
After uploading pictures to​ your iPod,​ your pictures can be viewed as​ a​ slideshow .​
But if​ you want to​ view something more exciting,​ for a​ nominal fee,​ you can also download movies and TV shows off the​ internet.
Although,​ not up to​ par with the​ graphics of​ Playstation or​ Xbox,​ the​ iPod also has four different games you can play that include Music Quiz,​ Solitaire,​ Brick and Parachute.
Need a​ recorder? If iTalk,​ BelkinVoice or​ Podzilla are installed,​ your iPod can be used as​ a​ small audio recorder .​
Purchase an​ FM transmitter and you can hear your favorite music from your iPod on​ your car radio.
Turn your iPod into a​ flashlight with iBeam software .​
Install a​ program called Podtender onto your iPod,​ and with more than 900 recipes for mixed drinks,​ you will become your friends’ favorite bartender .​
Install Podgoumet which has 260 recipes,​ with an​ additional 277 recipes for vegans,​ and become a​ gourmet cook.
iPod Weddings has become a​ popular way to​ save money on​ the​ wedding reception .​
Rather than hire a​ DJ select your own songs to​ be played in​ the​ order that you wish .​
At the​ end of​ the​ wedding you’ll have the​ recordings of​ all the​ songs played on​ your special day.
And the​ list goes on​ .​
You can also use your iPod as​ an​ alarm clock and read audio books .​
With the​ right software and an​ abundance of​ resources on​ the​ internet,​ you’ll find many exciting things to​ do with your iPod.

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