Website Marketing With Buying Website Traffic

Website Marketing With Buying Website Traffic
So you​ bought a​ domain name and also built yourself a​ nice and shiny new website to​ showcase your business .​
It's got loads of​ info on​ it​ about how great you​ are,​ maybe even an​ online shop with all your products .​
But how do you​ tie this strange new world of​ ecommerce in​ with your traditional methods? How do you​ utilise 'online marketing' when you're not really sure what it​ is?
Tell people about your website
You probably have a​ mailing list of​ existing customers; every so often you​ print a​ few thousand leaflets or​ Christmas cards and send them out with reminders and special offers .​
For the​ same cost as​ this,​ you​ can tell these same people about your website .​
Print the​ web address and get word out; include incentives just like you​ normally would,​ a​ promotional code for example .​
Measure the​ returns of​ your offline marketing
Got a​ brand new range of​ sportswear in​ your shop? Create a​ custom page telling all about it​ and print the​ URL on​ your flyer .​
If people are impressed with your mailing,​ they'll visit the​ page .​
Most importantly,​ you​ can track numbers by installing an​ analytics package on​ your website (like Google Analytics) .​
Every time someone visits that particular page,​ you​ know they've come because of​ your leaflet .​
Be sure that the​ page you​ make reflects your mailing; customer experience is​ key and by emphasising the​ connection between what they get in​ the​ post and what they see on​ their screen,​ you'll make visitors comfortable with your brand .​
Track visitor behaviour
Utilise cookies to​ track what visitors to​ your website are doing (your analytics package will do this) .​
Maybe they land on​ your special page but don't click through to​ anywhere else .​
Maybe they get halfway through the​ payment process and then give up .​
With this information you​ can identify problem areas and fix them .​
This is​ something your offline marketing alone could never tell you​ .​
Build your online presence
Having a​ website and telling your customers about it​ may not be enough to​ make it​ profitable .​
Think about how many new people walk into your shop every day; do the​ same number visit your website? An online marketing strategy might be necessary to​ give you​ a​ presence on​ the​ internet,​ making sure you'll be found by potential customers .​
This involves gaining trust with the​ search engines so that you​ come up in​ the​ results,​ or​ advertising on​ other websites that your target market visits .​
Pay per click campaigns and search engine optimisation strategies can be managed yourself or​ by specialist online marketing companies .​
Pay per click is​ advertising on​ the​ search engines (or other websites) - paying to​ get onto the​ first page of​ results .​
Search engine optimisation identifies keywords you​ want to​ be found for and optimises your website so that it​ appears high up in​ the​ natural search results .​
If someone searches for 'sportswear' and you​ come up,​ you've got yourself a​ new visitor .​
This may all sound a​ little complicated,​ but just think how many people search for 'sportswear' every day .​
Hundreds? Thousands? These are all potential visitors to​ your site,​ so investing in​ your online presence really can pay off .​
Gather visitor data and use it​ wisely
We've come full circle with our website marketing; having a​ sign-up box on​ your website to​ gather email addresses or​ other details allows you​ to​ build up a​ mailing list .​
Just like sending out leaflets,​ you​ can send out emails (or more leaflets if​ you​ like) with special offers and promotional codes .​
Remind people about your website,​ and strengthen awareness of​ your brand .​
If people have an​ account with you,​ track what they buy and target your marketing accordingly .​
Tailored promotions are far more effective; think about's 'recommendations' feature .​
Using offline methods in​ the​ online world can be the​ most effective way of​ ensuring repeat business,​ especially when you​ utilise all the​ extra information your online strategy gives you.

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