Website Marketing For Expert Witnesses Templates Save Time And Money

Website Marketing For Expert Witnesses Templates Save Time And Money

Website marketing for expert witnesses: templates save time and money
You know it’s time for a​ new web site to​ promote your expert witness practice if: 1) your home page features a​ button that says click here to​ skip intro; 2) your webmaster quit over two years ago and you​ have not had time to​ find a​ replacement; 3) your web site still features a​ visitor counter; or​ 4) your web site uses frames .​
Today there are many options available to​ an​ expert in​ need of​ a​ new web site .​
This article will explore the​ use of​ a​ web site template .​

Basically,​ a​ template is​ a​ pre-designed set of​ one or​ more web pages complete with graphics,​ menu buttons,​ attractive color schemes and text areas to​ describe your expert witness practice .​
you​ can choose from a​ number of​ suppliers,​ including TemplateMonster,​ Templates Resource,​ Perfectory,​,​ or​ Boxed Art .​
(Please note that these are not product endorsements.)
Pros and cons on​ web site templates
Pro # 1: Purchase prices are affordable,​ generally in​ the​ range of​ $40 to​ $250 for a​ one-time payment.
Pro # 2: Templates are a​ fast way to​ create and launch a​ new web site.
Con # 1: Your web site is​ not unique .​
you​ may see the​ same web site design in​ use by other experts,​ even competing experts .​
you​ may be able to​ make a​ unique purchase for a​ higher fee,​ meaning that the​ provider will not sell the​ same design to​ anyone else .​
you​ still compete,​ however,​ with others who purchased the​ same design before you​ did.
Con # 2: you​ need some basic technical skills to​ set up the​ web site template .​
Also,​ customization might be difficult .​
If you​ are not technically inclined with basic HTML skills,​ chances are good that you​ will need an​ agreeable webmaster or​ designer .​

Only you​ can decide if​ a​ web site template is​ the​ right approach for you​ .​
While you​ are planning a​ new web site,​ here are 5 quick tips to​ maximize expert witness litigation support leads from Internet marketing .​
5 tips for expert witness website marketing success
1 .​
Minimize or​ avoid the​ use of​ flash .​
What is​ flash,​ you​ ask? It is​ a​ popular technology developed by Macromedia that creates visual action,​ animation or​ interactivity on​ a​ web site .​
While attractive,​ it​ can interfere with search engine positioning.
2 .​
Load your copy with keywords delivered in​ a​ text format .​
Keyword density is​ important to​ get good visibility in​ search engines .​
Be sure your web designer displays the​ copy in​ text format rather than as​ a​ graphic,​ so search engines can read your web pages .​
Print pages from your web site to​ confirm that copy is​ not cut off on​ the​ right margin .​
If the​ page doesn’t print properly,​ ask your webmaster to​ change the​ settings.
3 .​
Display your phone number prominently .​
the​ masthead is​ an​ ideal location to​ let visitors know how to​ reach you​ for a​ potential expert witness engagement.
4 .​
Pick the​ right title tags .​
Words like expert witness,​ litigation support and your area of​ expertise belong in​ a​ page title tag to​ increase search engine visibility .​
Each page can have its own title .​
Metatags like keywords and description are less important to​ search engines now .​
Online photos and graphics should have an​ Alt tag that displays a​ textual description when you​ mouse-over your photo or​ other page graphic.
5 .​
Think landing pages for online advertising .​
Pay-per-click text ads on​ Google and Yahoo! are an​ excellent way to​ generate inbound litigation support leads .​
Don’t just send all leads to​ your home page .​
Consider using a​ special landing page that gives a​ concise description of​ your expert witness services,​ maybe even with a​ link to​ your CV .​
Give each web page its own URL so you​ can direct prospects to​ a​ specific page on​ your web site.
In summary,​ the​ key to​ any successful expert witness marketing project is​ to​ start with a​ plan .​
Identify your business objectives and work from there to​ create a​ web site that generates high quality litigation support leads.

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