Website Marketing Attract More Clients From A Wake Em Up Special Offer

Website Marketing Attract More Clients From A Wake Em Up Special Offer

You’re a​ service business,​ such as​ a​ coach,​ accountant,​ consultant,​ speech coach,​ office organizer or​ virtual assistant.

A prospective client lands on​ your website. “Nice site,​” she says,​ nodding approvingly. “Great logo.”

So she looks for a​ Call to​ Action: "Click here and get a​ Free Report."

And you​ offer one. 101 things a​ coach [accountant,​ consultant,​ speech coach,​ office organizer or​ virtual assistant] can do for you.


At that point,​ your prospect decides to​ leave. Unless she’s been living on​ another planet,​ she has some idea of​ what you​ do (or thinks she does).

If you’re an​ accountant,​ she won’t be astounded to​ discover you’ll prepare her taxes. if​ you’re a​ virtual assistant,​ she’ll expect you​ to​ help with mailing lists and phone calls.

And she’s been to​ 43 other websites. She’s already seen the​ same list. Her eyes start to​ glaze over. She decides it’s time to​ take a​ break and watch the​ latest replay of​ the​ Sopranos.

At least that’s what I would do.

How can you​ prevent the​ bleary-eyed visitor blues?

(1) Create a​ problem-solving Call for Action – before you​ design the​ rest of​ your web site. “How-to” titles work best because you​ demonstrate that you​ understand the​ problem and showcase your unique approach.

A Virtual Assistant: “How to​ delegate the​ 10 most critical tasks that keep your business alive and profitable.”

A speech coach: “Five techniques that tell your audience you're a​ professional speaker"

An office organizer: “It’s 9 AM – do you​ know where your Top Priority is?”

(2) Make it​ easier for prospects to​ figure out why you’re different from the​ competition on​ the​ other 43 websites your prospect just visited.

A hairstylist: “Curly hair is​ my specialty (and we're never late with appointments)."

A virtual assistant: "I can program the​ Internet's top shopping cart system to​ save you​ 5 hours each month."

A speech coach: "Five clients I coached last year are now listed with speaker bureaus."

(3) Identify benefits your prospect may not have anticipated.

For instance,​ prospective clients may not realize that some office organizers can help them choose furniture to​ make their lives easier. Others employ feng shui principles.

Bottom Line: Visitors who see a​ big grab-bag list of​ offers will tune out if​ they recognize the​ first few. “Ho hum. I know that.”

Instead,​ find ways to​ showcase yourself and your expertise --professionally. Your visitors will thank you.

Website Marketing Attract More Clients From A Wake Em Up Special Offer

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