Web Site Tracking Software

Web Site Tracking Software
There are ways to​ track who will be visiting your site .​
The more traffic you​ generate the​ more money you​ will make .​
You want to​ make sure that you​ have all you​ need to​ see if​ you're getting the​ traffic you​ want .​
There are several ways to​ track the​ traffic on​ your site and each has its own pros and cons .​
It will fully depend on​ what you​ need at​ the​ time and how much you​ are willing to​ invest .​
Some devices simply tell you​ how many people visit you​ and some have actual reports with fine details .​
You would want to​ use a​ more sophisticated tracking system if​ you​ want to​ know which search engines are bringing in​ the​ most traffic or​ where people are coming from .​
The simpler methods are used just to​ know how many people total have visited your site since it​ got up and running .​
These ones won’t offer any other type of​ information such as​ how many per day or​ where they came from .​
1 .​
Counters: These are usually used by newbies .​
You won’t see them on​ more professional sites .​
They will tell you​ and the​ visitor exactly how many people have visited your site .​
2 .​
Trackers: Tracking software will give you​ a​ detailed path your visitors take when they visit your site .​
This tells you​ way more than just a​ simple tracker and isn’t seen by the​ visitor .​
For the​ free use you​ might be required to​ put a​ button or​ graphic up .​
Many site owners will prefer to​ put in​ their own tracking scripts onto their servers.
3 .​
Use Your ISP Statistical Package: Your ISP provider keeps a​ log of​ every hit to​ your site .​
This will let you​ know where your traffic is​ coming from and what pages they are looking at .​
Make sure your hosting company offers access to​ your raw log files.
4 .​
Web Traffic Analysis Software: this is​ a​ program that will take your raw log files and generate a​ report on​ your traffic .​
The quality will completely depend on​ what program you​ are using .​
There are some free ones that come with some hosting packages or​ there are the​ paid software packages that would generate high quality reports.
Your web traffic statistics are an​ extremely valuable tool for information about your web site .​
You will be able to​ make decisions on​ improving your site through the​ information they give you​ .​
They will let you​ know what web pages are the​ most popular and also the​ ones that are very rarely used .​
a​ tracker will tell you​ who is​ visiting your site .​
You will learn which web browsers to​ optimize your pages for and which search engines are most useful .​
They can even tell when you​ get errors or​ have bad links on​ your page .​
Analyzing your web traffic can help you​ determine what type of​ marketing strategies work for you​ and your site the​ best .​
You will then be able to​ change according the​ most successful methods and boost your traffic and ultimately your sales.

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