Web Site Marketing And Effective Search Engine Optimization

Web site marketing and effective search engine optimization
Marketing Your Web Site .​

You wouldn't put a​ bill board in​ the​ desert,​ so why are you​ hiding your web site?
Too many companies spend too much money developing a​ really nice web site that no one will ever see .​
Before starting any web site design or​ re-design make sure you've allocated at​ least half of​ the​ budget to​ getting the​ site optimized in​ the​ search engines .​

For those selling a​ service .​
There are a​ few steps you​ need to​ take .​
The first step is​ to​ create meta-tags with a​ description of​ your site and keywords that are relevant to​ the​ content on​ your site .​
The keywords and content should stress the​ service you​ provide,​ why a​ potential customer should use your company for this service and how to​ contact you​ to​ buy this service .​
a​ meta tag generator will help you​ to​ create the​ properly formatted code for you​ web site based on​ keywords you​ select .​
These can be found on​ google or​ msn by searching with the​ keywords meta tag generator .​
You'll then need to​ submit the​ site to​ the​ major search engines like Google and MSN .​
For Yahoo! you​ have to​ pay a​ yearly fee of​ $299 to​ get listed .​
There are dozens of​ search engine submission services that will perform these services for you​ at​ a​ very reasonable price .​

When you've completed your submissions you​ can expect an​ increase in​ traffic but it's going to​ take some time .​
Anywhere from a​ few weeks to​ a​ few months is​ not out of​ the​ ordinary .​
To increase traffic more quickly you'll need to​ use a​ service like overture or​ Google adwords .​
These services allow you​ to​ place small ads for your site whenever someone does a​ web search that includes your the​ keywords you've purchased .​
You probably only offer your service to​ a​ limited area so you'll want to​ make sure you​ include this area (City,​ state,​ town or​ region) in​ your keywords .​
That way you​ won't be paying for clicks and visitors to​ your site when you​ do business in​ California and the​ visitor is​ from Texas .​
For those selling a​ product.
The process is​ essentially the​ same .​
The difference is​ you're selling to​ a​ much bigger audience .​
Sounds great right? More potential customers equal more sales .​
Not necessarily .​
You've also got a​ lot more competition and much more pressure on​ your prices. I'd recommend starting out selling regionally .​
Your own backyard doesn't have to​ be the​ starting point but it​ may help with shipping costs .​
When you've got that system ironed out you​ can expand geographically and still control your web advertising costs by including the​ locations in​ your keywords searches.

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