Web Presence Is Not A Luxury But A Necessity Today

It’s not rocket science to​ create a​ web presence. This article takes you through the​ various steps to​ develop your website …

The process of​ creation of​ a​ web presence starts with getting a​ domain that represents your business entity. Domain is​ an​ identity that your business will have on​ the​ Internet,​ and hence it​ has to​ be well thought of. No two businesses can ever hold the​ same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is​ totally unique. if​ you have a​ business site on​ the​ Internet your domain name is​ your own online brand and in​ a​ sense you can use your domain name as​ your online business card. Keep the​ following points in​ mind while selecting a​ domain – try to​ think of​ catchy words and phrases that will bring more traffic to​ your website,​ try to​ use a​ domain that is​ relevant to​ your business,​ try to​ keep the​ domain as​ short as​ possible around 5-20 characters.

Once you have a​ domain name in​ place,​ the​ next step is​ to​ create a​ website for your company and then host it​ on​ the​ World Wide Web. Buying web hosting is​ like buying yourself some space on​ the​ Internet. Depending on​ the​ type of​ website you have you can choose what type of​ hosting you want to​ buy – windows hosting or​ linux hosting. if​ you have a​ plain informative/brochure website it​ does not matter much what hosting you choose,​ but if​ you have an​ ecommerce website and you are selling online,​ you would have to​ take an​ informed decision. You can also buy email hosting to​ make your email ids more professional looking.

Now the​ next step is​ to​ make sure that your website can be reached by people i.e. search engine optimize your website. Search engine optimization refers to​ the​ art of​ making your website searchable on​ various search engines. This is​ done by optimizing your website for various keywords – the​ words or​ phrases that people will use to​ look for businesses like yours. Once the​ site is​ optimized and people reach your site looking for certain products/services,​ you would start receiving targeted hits/leads on​ your website. www.seogenies.com talks about a​ framework for search engine optimization.

Once you have your website in​ place,​ you can think of​ doing many value additions such as​ adding a​ live chat tool on​ your website www.livechatgenie.com,​ which will help you monitor the​ traffic on​ your website. if​ you have an​ ecommerce website maybe you can add an​ SSL Certificate www.sslgenie.com to​ create the​ confidence in​ your customers.

So build your web presence fast – register a​ domain,​ buy web hosting and email hosting,​ build your website etc at​ www.dotcomgenie.com

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