Web Conferencing Software Choosing Your Application

Web Conferencing Software - Choosing Your Application
It is​ worth bearing in​ mind that,​ when you​ are deciding which web conferencing application to​ utilize,​ none of​ the​ applications currently available will do everything well.
Each system has its own strengths and weaknesses and it​ is​ therefore important for you​ to​ identify what you​ hope to​ gain from your web conferencing application .​
the​ first step you​ should take is​ to​ draw up a​ list of​ essential features - decide what the​ most important aspects of​ web conferencing are to​ you​ and what you​ hope to​ gain from your system.
By identifying what is​ most important to​ you,​ you​ can narrow down your field of​ selection to​ those vendors who are supplying a​ product that most closely matches your requirements .​
By immediately discarding those that do not match your criteria,​ you​ will find yourself considering a​ far more manageable number of​ applications.
Communication: Meetings,​ Webcasts and Webinars
For example,​ if​ the​ key function you​ want your web conferencing application to​ perform is​ that of​ communication then you​ require an​ application that will allow you​ to​ exchange with others .​
An application that has the​ capability to​ host meetings,​ transmit webcasts and hold training seminars will be required .​

Different web conferencing applications have different capabilities,​ some allowing you​ to​ invite hundreds of​ delegates to​ your seminar,​ others allowing a​ maximum of​ say,​ ten .​
Levels of​ interaction vary too so be very clear about what functions you​ will need your application to​ be able to​ perform.
Before investing in​ your new system you​ should thoroughly review exactly what each provider is​ offering to​ ensure it​ meets with your requirements.
Vendors of​ this type of​ application include:
* Centra
* Netbriefings
* Placeware
* Smiletiger
* Spartacom
Online Collaboration and Project Management
Online collaboration software is​ particularly effective for project management .​
These applications allow users to​ share files and documents,​ to​ view files at​ the​ same time and update documents in​ real time .​
Previously,​ this level of​ collaboration could only be achieved by being physically present in​ the​ same location but online collaboration applications are extremely effective.
Vendors of​ this type of​ application include:
* Genesys
* Interwise
* Viditel
* WebEx
You need to​ consider too,​ whether or​ not your chosen application will be compatible with your existing software and operating platform .​
This information will be readily available from the​ application vendor .​
Also,​ do you​ have sufficient broadband capability to​ run your chosen application?
The cost,​ of​ course,​ is​ a​ major consideration when deciding upon your web conferencing application and will undoubtedly influence your ultimate decision .​
Applications range from the​ elementary (some can even be set up with a​ plug-in the​ likes of​ Yahoo Messenger) to​ the​ most sophisticated systems that will allow broadcasting to​ hundreds of​ delegates.
When deciding how much to​ spend,​ take into account how much money you​ are already spending in​ terms of​ time and money on​ travel .​
the​ chances are,​ if​ you​ choose your application sensibly,​ you​ will earn back its cost in​ a​ relatively short period of​ time.
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