Watch Dvd Movies On Your Ipod

Watch Dvd Movies On Your Ipod

An iPod or​ other portable MP4 media player is​ easier to​ carry around than a​ portable DVD player,​ but it​ can't play DVDs directly. However,​ it's still possible to​ watch your favorite DVDs on​ your iPod. All you need to​ do is​ to​ convert the​ DVD to​ an​ iPod compatible format.

If you search the​ web for "video conversion software" you'll be overwhelmed by the​ choice of​ products available. Many video conversion products are general purpose tools that require you to​ know details of​ the​ formats you want to​ convert between,​ and baffle you with jargon about things like codecs.

Such products may be very good,​ but if​ you want to​ be sure that the​ copies you are making are optimised for your iPod,​ or​ you simply want to​ make the​ task as​ easy as​ possible,​ it's best to​ choose a​ dedicated DVD to​ iPod converter.

Using a​ DVD to​ iPod converter really is​ simplicity itself. You launch the​ software,​ insert the​ DVD in​ the​ drive,​ and the​ title screen appears in​ a​ window. Using the​ mouse,​ you select the​ episode or​ feature you want to​ see from the​ DVD menu,​ just as​ with a​ DVD player.

When the​ movie starts to​ play,​ you click a​ Convert button and select a​ folder for the​ output. the​ amount of​ time conversion takes depends on​ the​ power of​ your computer. On a​ modern computer it​ can be faster than real time,​ but using an​ older one it​ may actually be slower.

After conversion is​ complete,​ you are offered the​ option to​ start iTunes and upload the​ converted movie to​ your iPod. That's all there is​ to​ it! Give it​ a​ try,​ and you'll soon be watching your favorite movies on​ your iPod media player.

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