Volvo 740 Style Performance And Luxury

Volvo 740 Style Performance And Luxury

Volvo vehicles and automobiles are known to​ have style and power that surpasses every other vehicle found on​ the​ streets. Aside from that,​ Volvo has also been quite affiliated with safety and safety has certainly been part of​ the​ manufacturer’s mindset when it​ comes to​ crafting and producing new vehicles to​ introduce to​ the​ market. 1998 was the​ year when Volvo,​ an​ automobile manufacturer of​ commercial vehicles,​ trucks and buses,​ was acquired by the​ Ford Motor Company to​ become one with its Premier Automotive Group. Although this was so,​ the​ original company of​ Volvo was decades earlier,​ in​ 1927,​ in​ Sweden.

“Safety cage and crumple zones” concept was what had sparked Volvo’s reputation for safety and security,​ and all these had started back during the​ extravagant and colorful ‘60s. the​ “safety cages” would refer to​ the​ strong materials that were used where the​ vehicle’s passengers would also be seated. On the​ other hand,​ the​ “crumpled zones” then referred to​ that part which would absorb all of​ the​ impact that was brought along by collision and crashes. Safety innovations were added in​ to​ their vehicle models and the​ safety list included three-point seatbelts,​ padded dashboards,​ the​ Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS),​ and the​ BLIS system which is​ a​ sensor system that alerts the​ driver when a​ car enters in​ the​ vehicle’s blind spot. Because of​ this whole safety system that Volvo has introduced and incorporated in​ their cars and automobiles,​ Volvo has then started being recognized as​ the​ vehicle which aspires for greater safety.

One of​ the​ vehicles that Volvo has crafted and manufactured is​ the​ Volvo 740. it​ had a​ lifespan of​ approximately a​ decade which started from the​ year 1984 up until 1992. the​ Volvo 740 is​ actually powered by a​ range of​ different engines over the​ years such as​ the​ four-cylinder in-line OHC,​ 986 cc or​ 2,​316 cc,​ six-cylinder in-line 2,​383 cc Turbo Diesel.

The Volvo 740 SE sedan was introduced in​ the​ U.S. for the​ 1985 model year. it​ was then a​ less optioned version of​ the​ Volvo 760 model. it​ was a​ breath of​ fresh air for the​ Swedish auto manufacturer for it​ was actually then intended to​ be a​ midsize car that offered more style,​ performance,​ and luxury than the​ esteemed and honored 240 series cars. it​ was offered as​ a​ four-door sedan,​ and was known internally as​ the​ 744. it​ also was offered as​ a​ five-door wagon which was internally known as​ the​ 745. Production had stopped come 1992 although the​ vehicle’s engine,​ transmission,​ chassis,​ and other important details lived on​ in​ the​ Volvo 940,​ which was in​ essence a​ reskinned 740.

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Volvo 740 Style Performance And Luxury

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